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  1. where is the link mate? There is no URL and nothing clickable
  2. Aither.cc - Rising star with a remarkable coding team. UNIT3D code that has gone far beyond most UNIT3D´s trackers. If people just give it a try they will love it. Active community and super nice staff. My pick.. (if you want in PM me Aither in topic and your email) (unlimited official invites = no ban risk)
  3. Hey! Thanks to a incredible coder team and staff team Aither.cc is exploding in tech areas. Everyday it gets better. A soldid base of near 20,000 torrents and a thriving community has made it a go to place for everyone. They don't go around banning people like the high tiers trackers. The staff are very understanding and compassionate. Since summer is here activity is slower ofc, but if you want to be on a relaxed, no hard ass tracker with the best torrent freeleeched also, then Aither is for you. So now I open then door for EVERYONE. New or Pro, come join them and en
  4. [NOT] Applying, just wanted to give a heart for a nice GA
  5. Official invites = no ban risk or selling etc. If you follow the tracker rules your account aint in any risk for ban. This thread will close when ...hmmm (we´ll see) Mention me in PM here (the little @ down left) + Like the post. Ill answer as much i can Aither has in many ways gone past other UNIT3D trackers, even Blutopia so if you want a very good tracker, jump on. Cheers SS
  6. thank yium im in noe yhnx to you.
  7. oh damn i missed to say, send along EMAIL so i can invite, and also, u must have liked the first post to get invite. And after u get it , please leave positive feedback
  8. @Ulquiorra hi, send some good proof, ur staff but i just wanna see anyway also tell me if u have seedbox + mail for invite
  9. @framarzsg hi, send me your 3 best proofs (TL, IPT, TD doesn't count) and also tell me if u have seedbox + mail for invite
  10. Hi dear friends Please post in here and dont forget to mention me so i get notification (click the @ down left). Include in your post which tracker you want invite to. When i have replied PM me ur details and i will PM you and depending on tracker i might ask for proofs or seedbox. Dont forget to send ur email along with proofs. And like this post and give positive feedback after you got invite- Good luck Dearest regards SS
  11. Hi Gives error, both when signing up and logging in
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