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  1. Hi [WTB] Im looking to buy PtP invite, at fair price. Would be very appriciated. I can offer some other trackers as bonus and naked pictures of myself [WTT] Same as above but if someone want to trade instead. Have many trackers. In both cases i want an invite, not account please. Im very experienced torrenter and have several seedboxes. Please PM me if you have any offer and please bare in mind you need to have a selling thread, nothing under Ethans table please Warmest regards SS
  2. @kardashian09 Othewise, i have all the Z series, HD-Torrents, PreToMe, BLUtopia, FileList, CrazyHD, PTF, and some more AAAARGH, i have already mentioned them. double post, so very sorry, maybe a mod can delete it
  3. @kardashian09 I have another great UNIT3D tracker with the same layout as LegacyHD. Do you want to? i can throw in PTF too Warmest regards SS
  4. i have bad memory but it was a tracker with sexy and bit in it i think, so im not 100% sure
  5. This tracker, as far as i know, is closing. Other trackers get tons of refugees saying its to be closed.
  6. Hey All. Two Unlimited trackers for GA. Read the reviews, dont ask for if not needed. Then LIKE this post (the blue heart bottom right), then MENTION me (the @ in bottom left - this is so i get a notice). With the mention, just write (eg Applying , proof / answers sent) and finally PM me the Proof, Answers, other useful info + email (gmail). Then after you get invite please leave positive FEEDBACK in my profile. PTF (Phoenix Torrents) SPEEDAPP Requirements: - Member here for more than 1 month - Can explain these words and what
  7. @A3I4 sorry i must have missed you, please appologies, send me an email dearest regards SS
  8. @sasa28 please PM me anemail warmest regards SS
  9. SMALL UPDATE: USEERS: = 10012 whereof Active = 9454 INTERNALS: PSA39, SICARIO, FooKaS, 10k barrier breached congratz Best wishes SS
  10. 5 x AITHER.cc Invites Prio 1 = Homeless internal groups Prio 2 = Awesome HD refugees Prio 3 = Me Prio 4 = All you other beloved IH members Prerequisites = Case to case depending on standing here. Winners: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Good Luck SS
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