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  1. @Rudy please if you recieved the invite and are happy with it, consider giving me positive feedback. go here ---> https://www.invitehawk.com/profile/46746-schlampeswanzen/?tab=node_feedback_Feedback thank you Love SS
  2. @cluns hi, send me your mail please via PM, remember must be gmail Love SS
  3. Aither.cc has exploded lately, new internals, new uploaders, new staff and an incredible coder. https://i.imgur.com/bVTQkEP.jpg It might seem lame with under 10k users but as you can see we have incredible hight % active users only 400 is ? . UI is improved, icons for diff HDR: https://i.imgur.com/3xMWvmm.jpg Many games and contests and a very lively chat. Very potent for 8k users. and very rare material. COME GET IN THE FUN... dont forget to MENTION me in the reply or i wont get a notice. LOVE SS
  4. Want to buy passthepopcorn to fair price ( ONLY INVITE ) Have many trackers to give to lower the price = Aither, DXDHD, Blutopia, HD-Torrents, Cinemageddon, FileList, CrazyHD, nCore, SceneTimeetc etc Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS SS
  5. Poor girl in need of, well you can see the avatar. 5 x PreToMe completed
  6. @thisishim For the devil, who dares to reject PM me your mail mate Love SS AFTER THE DEVIL, NOW ITS REALLY LOCKED
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