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  1. Tracker Name: JustJerk.Me Genre: XXX Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://www.justjerk.me/registration/null Closing Time: Unknown Additional Information: JustJerk.Me is a brand new XXX tracker that just opened its dooe. Here you will feel the awesome UNIT3D code along with porn. We have many possitions to fill so get your account today and help us be a big nice and secure UNIT3D tracker. TRY IT, YOU WILL LIKE IT. All classes can upload but lower classes must go thru approval step. Staff is often there so it will be fast. Dont miss out, get urself a nice porn tracker based on the famous UNIT3D code. Dearesr regards SS
  2. TRACKER: JustJerk.Me | XXX GLOBAL FREELEECH: until further notice
  3. Global freeleech until further notice
  4. Tracker Name: JustJerk.Me Genre: XXX Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://justjerk.me/register/null Closing Time: Until further notice Additional Information: JustJerk.Me is a brand new UNIT3D based XXX treacker opening its doors today. If you like the awesome feel of UNIT3D and also porn, this is the tracker for you. Since just opened there is not much content, but we will grow. We aim at SiteRips and all other you can imagine. Head on over an create your account today. We have a discord channel ---> https://discord.gg/Zad88YpF where you can chat and hang out with similar people. Dont miss this one... Regards SS
  5. Hi Site = JustJerk.Me | XXX is currently down due to a big security and feature update. ETA is a few hours. When site is back up, sadly you have to re-register. Verification hassle as of before is fixed though so it should be easy. The bad thing is that content will be erased. But the internals and others are ready to upload. Upload demands and system is changed also. We are sorry for this but better do it now than when site is 1 year old. Our discord server is still alive and there you can get info. regards SS --------------------------------------------------------- Staff Edit Site up again (08-09-2021)
  6. Hi. A brand new porn tracker based on the famous and popular UNIT3D tracker has just opened its doors. Its still in BETA and building every minute. Great coders and the UNIT3D recipe will be the base for a tasty dinner. As always in the start one needs uploaders. We have our internals but the more the marrier. So.. we are here seeking uploadeers. Currently the tracker is open for signup, but will close at 1000 users to see that all works before we open for real. If you miss this open signup but still want to be an uploader, just PM me. Uploaders perks: - Global freeleech - Immunity to HnR - Love from the staff So go to this link for open signup and PM the admin "Sandra" for promotion. Or if we´re closed PM me here. Signup Link: https://justjerk.me/register/null Dearest regards SS
  7. There is freeleech until sep 7:th so a good guess would be that that is the closing time. But i cant say 100%
  8. yes we are still looking Do you know the basics? making the .torrentfile, seedbox etc? or are you brand new? What can you offer since you want to be an uploader? do you have seedbox? are you on many tracker thus having good access? Tell me some about your assetts. We have very good guides on how to upload so theres always that. and all classes can upload. regards SS
  9. Seedit4me can, should and will be the first choice for serious seedbox users aswell newbies. Id be very surprised if they wont take first place in serious testing sites. Last year they grabbed many second place with only one thing lacking for the first place... they didn't have 10Gbps plans. Now they do. I am sooo happy and satisfied with my boxes, i cant express it in words. And i have tested many. VIVA LA SEEDIT4ME
  10. where is the link mate? There is no URL and nothing clickable
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