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  1. Blutopia still down 18/10 - No info, but non responsive server
  2. To clearify a bit better. This is a fun job with many perks and much freetime off tracker, in fact the more time you spend on your other trackers = the better . So if you fit a bit in the description, take a chance. regards SS
  3. Hi. Cant say much. Cant say what's being seeked. Its something very special and prob kinda unique for Aither. But we are on the cutting edge on many areas. I am not the one to talk to but the info i shall forward is limited and here: 1. Very wide circle of friends 2. Ragged on very many trackers, happily a collector. Activity and ratio etc. is of no importance at all. 3. Experienced in all things regarding IP / DNS / ISP / VPN / SEEDBOX / SERVERS etc. (the more the merrier) Nothing regarding hardware etc. is of value. 4. Able to work freelanced.
  4. @Safeshop2000 @Shawonloko Both of you please pm me 2 ratio proofs from respected trackers ( IPT, TL and TD) does NOT count im afraid. Thank you And shawnloko, please like the main post. regards SS
  5. @mrsufgi Hi send me 2 ratio proofs from descent trackers (Not IPT or TL or TD) and mail please dearest regardss SS
  6. Hey people 5 PreToMe invites available (click PreToMe text to get to the review). After that a short break and then there are more. I may require proofs of different kinds depending on your level and status. Click LIKE (the blue heart down to right) Dont PM me please. I will pick you. Write in this thread but DONT forget to click MENTION down this box to mark my name. Otherwise i wont see your post. If you get picked please give me FEEDBACK. Dearest regards SS
  7. @guset hey friend i humbly apply for milkie.cc please. thank you and great GA dearest regards SS
  8. @schafter hello there mate id very much like to know the price for: - Invite - account - Staff account On EMPORNIUM Feel free to PM if you want Love SS
  9. ExoticaZ is a good XXX tracker in the Z family (cinemaZ, avistaZ, privateHD) One thing to remember is that this is an Asian XXX site hence 80-90% is Asian actresses. maybe 40% is censored but you can via menus navigate to censored or uncensored. There is European and (not so many) American movies clips too. Most are EU or RU that isn't Asian. Well worth a try if you want a way into the Z world and have an XXX site If you like Asian girls its definitely something you should grab Love SS
  10. @Yahoo i would like an empornium account - with email and maybe some buffer depending on price, also if staff account id really like that. Thank you so much Awaiting answer With Love SS
  11. @Yahoo hey mate, i am looking for empornium. the cheapest one please. i have over 50k points and ill scrape together as much money i can. on the 19:th i can pay more since i get salary then. but id love to get one today. so 50 k points now and i can pay the rest you want in 8 days. if you ask the seniors here you know im no scammer With Love SS
  12. @deepdigger fully agree, and there are more ads than actual porn. id rate like this 1. empornium 2. pornbay t3. cheggit 4. Pb.net 5. AVgv 6. Cherrykiss 7. pussyTorrents 8. Kurfic 9. AdultCinema 10. bootytape 11. Lesbian4u
  13. @javageek please PM me a mail + 1 tracker proof + seedbox proof and the invite will come flying
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