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  1. Tracker Name: AITHER Genre: GENERAL Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Signup - Aither AITHER.CC Powered By UNIT3D Community Edition v2.7.0 Closing Time: AUGUST 8 ( 1 WEEK ) Additional Information: Awesome fast growing tracker based on beautiful uit3d. Updated and remastered with latest 2.7. Chatbox fixed, all online...come Enjoy
  2. Already have one but cant recommend thm enough. best site on the web for apps and OS. If you though Appzuniverse was a tracker as the size of an ant, then TeamOS is jupiter. If you aint on it, then get it and dont forget to give thanks to topic starter...
  3. hi @omar64 May i tempt your interest regarding Aither, which grew by more than 2000 members per month and yes we are in the middle of moving to new server, later today, baring no unforseen boo booยดs, we will open the doors and get going. But i am seeking something that might peek your interest. Hit me back if you want me to explain SS
  4. Hey According to sources Aither.cc has no problems. Its scheduled maintenance and server migration that was suppose to start tomorrow that has begun a bit sneaky since low activity atm. Site will go up and down and if all goes as planned they say it will be on a brand new server by tomorrow eve. Staff is active on discord to answer questions (where i got the info). So expect the site be taken down from time to time, to optimize the process tomorrow. Otherwise all is well according to the staff. Regard SS
  5. UPDATED - 2020 - JULY 28 Currently seeking one torrent mod, but overall 3 mods ---> 1 owner, 1 SysOP, 2 Admins , 1 Staff Chief, 2 Forum mods, 2 Torrent mods, 2 Normal mods <--- Our backbone blueprint So we need to promote one mod to Admin , then promote 1 normal mod to Staff Chief, then promote 2 F or T mods to Normal mods + then replace those 2 mods (F or T) So everyone is welcome to apply, we will train and teach you. There will ofc be a checkup. We have staffers on basically every tracker on the web so we will just check reputation and behavior, not ratio or such. So if you are a widley known troublemaker trying to sneak in to abuse... forget it. (we may need a Ghost or two, dont ask what they do, only 1 staffer knows and wont tell, but if your smart enough to get a clue. talk to me first and ill refer you regards
  6. @logitech hi dear. Looking for empornium, staff invite would be best. I am to be 100% sure use my cell phone when surfing the site then i have also gotten a new box wit new ip. so it is safe to let me buy Dearest regards... SS
  7. @.::DarKShaD0wTT::. hi there. sex addict being treated but at eves and nights i am about to burst. I Need empornium. I so want to buy to fair price. staff invite would be great. please contact me a.s.a.p thank you dear Dearest regards... SS
  8. @Yahoo Hi. i sooooo want empornium, i am sex addict and being treated for it but at home at night im dyig without porn. i can only payy with paypal. if u give fair price i can give u 4 good general trackers as bonus awaiting your answer PS: I have E-cup fake tits so... nuff said about i love porn dearest regards SS
  9. @IMPERATOR hi there You dont have a empornium staff invite for a sex addict girl. im getting desperate fair price, i have offers 50-60 $ but that was bicoins, and all my IDยดs has expired so i could passs the verification. so i pay with paypal pls thank you, awaiting your answer
  10. Hi i want to buy an Empornium invite. But i cant handle bitcoin due to my IDยดs are expired so i get stuck in the verification part So it has to be paypal, (i can use mine or i can use my brothers, which never has been used on any tracker or similar = cant be traced here) Also i will use my phone when browsing their site, it has never used ip, never used host and never used port. in short ive never used my cell. Please come with some offers Dearest regards... SS
  11. Hi Dear you. @schafter What does a Legend VIP has to pay for either Empornium invite? Thank you+ @schafter
  12. The biggest work on Aither seems done now. However the shoutbox does not refresh itself in real time when people speak. You can right click and refresh manually. This will hopefully be fixed by Mon 20/7 Dearest regards... SS
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