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  1. cool contest, loving this community, lets all ad legend vip to others 🙂 ❤️ thnx Ethan
  2. @Mr..Random hi my friend please pm me 2 private tracker proofs, take a ss of full screens and write todays date in the url field and also just tell me iff u have a seedbox
  3. Hi @nergal  check PM please. and return to me 🙂

  4. FileList temp out of stock. will try to get more. I will edit the main post where it now says 0 at filelist. No prob to you whom have asked, just informing, and i can be sloppy and forget but then ill just tell you. Wont get mad BTW: The senior etc that i added is in no illwill towards new users. Its just i value those very much, and thus want to be sure that account wont be abused. If you are new (on this site) but a long time torrenter feel free to apply, only diff thing is that i might ask for more proofs. Also - Aither tracker is perfect for newbies, i know the staff very well and will take care of any issues plus they are extremely friendly. And this tracker you dont need any proofs to get, they want users and esp new ones with potential. so instead of going for a "popular" or "high end" tracker you can always start there. Just apply if you are new or experienced since it IS a ratiobased and normal tracker but with good staff. and if u get into ratio problem they wwill help you and i can make them gice you BON etc for you to get another shot. All i ask is that you are active so i dont invite 200 users that only collect. thnx everyone SS
  5. how much are u willing to give for MMA account with ps ratio-?
  6. thank you for reply, damn, i was hoping it was invite. sorry to have disturbed you
  7. @Direct9420 = winner FileList please dont forget feedback
  8. @Direct9420 please PM me an UNIQUE gmail address please
  9. < NOT APPLYING > Great GA mate, CrazyHD is awesome Strongly recommended to anyone SS
  10. Have: AR, TL, IPT, TD, FileList, CrazyHD, Cinemggedon, HD-Torrents, BeyondHD, Aither, DXDHD, ICE-Torrent, PTF, nCore, NordicBits, DanishBits, BHT Want: Awesome-HD, PTP, MTV, BTN, KARAGARGA Thank you all and hope for some fun tradings SS
  11. @JordanR Hi matey, i have cin. account (power user). Was wonderinsg what kind the Avistaz is, inv or account?
  12. @Zeh3 Im sorry CrazyHD and FileList and some others are reserved for senior and more higher status members. Not due to anything personal, just that they are limited but mostly because i treasure them very much. I gladly give you any of the unlimiteds, but CrazyHD is ne of my favourites. Im sorry, nothing personal. Tell me if you want any of the unlimited ones.
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