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  1. How many trackers do you have accounts [email protected] It hasn't been many days since you signed up and already climbed up the ranks so fast! Also, the majority of the open signup news is posted by you these days. Do you have accounts on all the torrent sign-up notices that you post?
  2. @sasa28 Does it have a good collection of Turkish Movies? Specially the horror ones.
  3. @BlackDz Does it have a good collection of Turkish Movies? Specially the horror ones.
  4. Not a good tracker to be in to be honest. Lacks quality content and BluRay Disc uploads. Most uploads are WebDL.
  5. @Gumz Chances for a open registration to be announced by the tracker is incredibly low unless they decide to be generous all on a sudden. Other than that, find someone who can invite you or store 150K points and buy an invite from IH.
  6. How to change the site language to English? Is there an option for changing site language or do we have to use chrome?
  7. @dnaris They don't even have IRC that I would let them know that I am not getting confirmation email. No way to contact them. As from a post earlier, it is mentioned that they brought the site back after it was down, maybe that is why confirmation email is busted and not working for most people who registered there. Maybe you guys got lucky since yours worked. If you can, maybe let them know that their email system is not working for most people who have registered. I signed up the day the open sign up notice was posted here which was April 2nd. It has been 5days since and still didn't
  8. @dnaris @jjabram I tried proton, didn't work. Now I have two accounts created from one IP and didn't get confirmation for any of those.
  9. Sadly their confirmation email system is not working. Me including a few other users who have registered there have not received the confirmation email yet.
  10. Didn't find any review about this torrent. How does it par in comparison with other high profile torrents?
  11. @igor-lt I would like to apply. Can provide ratio proof and speed test proof.
  12. @Gamerboy If they have any IRC please post the link to that, we can let the staff of the site know about this issue.
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