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  1. question, does this torrent site not have any freeleech torrents at all? I run a dynamic ip aka shared ip connection with double NAT restriction, so I rely on freeleech torrents to get my upload count high first and then download non freeleech torrents to be on the safer side.
  2. In the description it says that the site has old anime too, I want to confirm this, does it have a very good collection of old anime and anime movies or they are relatively small in number comparing to non anime tv shows and movies?
  3. Sounds like the admin has frequent periods and mood swing issues. I'd rather not take my chances with this tracker if it has so many "requirements". I mean, the 20GB requirement is fair enough, most trackers have this but the next 220GB upload within 4 months, that is kinda childish to be honest, seems more like the admin wants to minimize the number of users in his/her site. If so, just making the site invite only would be good for his/her whims.
  4. So they quickly deleted the announcement after the time period.
  5. Not sure how you got this news, but on their discord channel, they announced open registration for exoticaz till 25th July. Are you sure, that they opened for AvistaZ?
  6. Ben 10 series except the reboot and american dragon jake long
  7. This kinda falls in both general category and torrent discussion. Anyone knows of sites that host stand up comedy shows for downloading? In public trackers the availability is very rare. I heard Crypticheaven is a dedicated private tracker for stand up comedy shows but since they are invite only and remain like that forever and IH doesn't have it in the member shop, so I don't see any way to get in, so if anyone knows of any site (kinda like kissanime / 9anime or similar type hosting a good collection of stand up comedy beside other things) that lets you download stand up comedy shows, please let me know. Or any public tracker that has a good collection of stand up comedy shows or any private tracker that is dedicated or not dedicated but still has a very good collection of stand up comedy shows with occassional open sign ups, let me know. Thanks in advance.
  8. The Curse of la Llorona (2019)
  9. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8350360/
  10. Tracker Name: HDArea Genre: HD / General Review (If Any) : Sign Up Link: https://www.hdarea.co/signup.php Closing Time: July 1, 2021 Additional Information: HDArea is a chinese private torrent tracker for General/HD release.It is a ratio based tracker and open doors for new signups sometmes. Newly users have to pass the assessment during 30 days period. Maintaining ratio is easy and have bonus system where you can buy upload credit and Invite.
  11. @Eren I sent the 3 images from trackers I use the most. I run a shared IP connection as I mentioned in the message, so uploading is purely based on luck. I download freeleech torrents and pray for someone with a Public IP to download and only because of that I can upload. So, my upload stats may not look that impressive but it is the best I can do with a Shared IP. You'll notice my upload amount is more than my download amount because I need to upload more to make sure the torrent I will be downloading doesn't exceed the amount and screw up my ratio. I also rely on seed bonus to buy upload credits. You'll notice that my seed bonus amount is significantly large, I am storing them to buy upload credits.
  12. @Eren I sent 6 images in order, among the 6 the 1st 3 are my most used. No problem, I'll send just the three tracker images that I use the most.
  13. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11032374/
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