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  1. HeyA Reload, if you could that would be awesome mate.
  2. Heya @Reload, When I tried to use mine it said that the code had already been used. burndoggy
  3. Oh...Can I apply also? This is brilliant!
  4. Thanks Folk846, I managed to find a working combo! Now for a relaxing Star Wars Sunday here in Aus. Thanks again!
  5. Hey buyers....I just want to recommend Break! He is super reliable and offers way more stuff than you pay for. He's my go to guy for keys! 10/10....do recommend.
  6. @STEVE9 Just click on where it says "Site" in OP's post.
  7. Heya Folk, Thanks for this...I was curious to know how Sling would behave on a VPN but was a bit shy to pay. It works well...and unlike Hulu it Chromecasts! So...thanks heaps for this...you've changed my life hahaha
  8. I ordered Hayu from Ethan because my significant other is a sucker for Bad Girl's Club...so had to get that done for her. Easy purchase, easy set-up and access. So far i have only used the website, however I see no reason why it wouldn't work on the app also. Thanks Ethan.
  9. As always, Ethan resolved my stupidity and assisted with patience, kindness and genuine warmth. Highly recommended.
  10. Ah! It doesn't work...I assume someone changed the password! Thanks anyway buddy!
  11. I shall claim this one please! Thanks so much!!!
  12. Hello Fellow Hawks, I am going to write a very brief, non-technical, review of SeedIt4Me. As a noob, I had never considered a seedbox, but found myself in the awesome position of winning one of the prizes here and getting a seedbox from SeedIt4Me for one month gratas! So I jumped into their site and gave it a go. I have to say, set-up is a breeze, and the dashboard is extremely user friendly. I was able to find apps that helped me do things like download torrents to the seedbox and transfer files from the seedbox to my NAS. They have some tutorial videos on YouTube as well, and u
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