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  1. This. I have invites to a lot of sites I could easily give away. Thing is I have either paid money or put in time to get my membership. I am not going to send invites to people that is going to get me banned for inviting them. You have to start with some of the easier trackers and get the experience as well as have the ability to provide proofs. Most people simple will not send an invite if you can't show you can maintain a good ratio, a seedbox, and/or a fast internet connection.
  2. Tracker Name: Switch-Torrents Genre: Games Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Switch-Torrents - Signup WWW.SWITCH-TORRENTS.COM Create your account and manage your profile, downloads and more. Signing up is easy and quick. Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: Site has Switch, WiiU, and 3DS games
  3. Tracker Name: MixFiend Genre: Music Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: MixFiend.com - WE GOT THAT GOOD! Hip-Hop Mixtapes! :: Signup WWW.MIXFIEND.COM Closing Time: N/A Additional Information: A music tracker that is focused on mixtapes.
  4. The best advice I can offer is follow the Open Signup Tracker Updates. Eventually there will be an open sign up for tracker sites you are interested in. It does require patience but good ones do get announced there.
  5. Dumb question but what is up with Pass The Popcorn? Not sure what it offers that is different from general trackers like IPT.
  6. If your thing is online business like SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. There is an insane amount of ideas and free information on www.blackhatworld.com. I have found more free information there than any tracker so far. Just be wary of buying any services. From what I understand it can get kind of dicey.
  7. A scholar and a gentleman. (Or whatever your preferred pronoun may be)
  8. I don't know what it is like around the world but the ISPs in America is notorious for putting caps on bandwidth every month. Usually if you use 1 - 2TB a month, you are going to notice a huge drop in your connection speed until the 1st of the new month. Having a seedbox has been the best way to deal with that.
  9. A month ago I only had 1. Through a combination of buying from the market place and just watching the forums I am at 10+.
  10. I think most of the world is on some version of quarantine at this point. What do you miss while being house bound? I live by a movie theater that has a full bar. I miss going and getting hammered while watching really bad movies.
  11. Awesome thank you! Looks like the tracker is still growing and shows a lot of promise.
  12. Welcome. I am rather new too but very happy with the site.
  13. Tracker Name - BitSeduce Tracker URL - http://bitseduce.com/ Speedtest - Comments - Requesting an invite for BitSeduce. I will be happy to provide Seedbox and ratio proofs upon request.
  14. Kink.com. I used to frequent BDSM dungeons and it would always give me new ideas.
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