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  1. For tutorials and such, imo bitspyder would be the best right now. TheGeeks is good too but it is almost impossible to get enough buffer there to download anything. Also, they have strict rules.
  2. Between those two, I think HDT would be better. Actually, PHD sort of died after the Epsilon incident.
  3. Afaik, there comes a time in every year, when Chinese trackers hide their login pages. So, if you are not logged in already, you can not see the login page. That is what's happening right now with TTG, PTer etc.
  4. This is not the right section to ask that question. Anyway, Seedbox is a high speed (1-10G) remote computer that enables you to dl/ul in private trackers very fast and help build your ratio.
  5. Yes. I am talking about that comment. Anyway, it seems that they don't have much content. But the exclusivity kind of make me want it. Lol! Thanks for searching it though.
  6. Torrentseeds down Database error.
  7. There was a comment on a reddit thread that I stumbled upon. That comment probably got deleted by mod...as i could not find it since. It is very secretive. They probably use a fake page to login or something.
  8. Pter club site and tracker both down! Up again!
  9. Man! This is scary! I hope other trackers don't have to see this day.
  10. North Sentinel island Games. Anyone heard of it? Any way to enter?
  11. It is not open. Requires invite code to sign up.
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