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  1. I would love to get into this tracker. But there does not seem to be any invites available nor open registration.
  2. Fair point! Btw, I love Bib's interface too. It so seems like a library.
  3. BHD is the best in customized unit3d. But I like the old gazelles best like EMP, RED.
  4. @Achelous Liked. Highly interested. I apply.
  5. They are always open for application signup, afaik!
  6. Seedit4me has served me really well. Great speeds most of the time. I had no trouble making torrents and setting up autodl iRSSi. But speeds can be fluctuating at times. Mostly limited to basic functions. It needs more tuning when compared with other high-end ovh/dedi seedboxes. But overall the experience was good! Staff reply is really fast. But I could not use deluge or transmission on my box for some reason. Anyway, rutorrent works just fine! It has many addons which makes it really bang-for-the-buck in this price range. VPN option is there if you would need it. At this price ran
  7. Too bad it is down permanently now!
  8. @schafter Can you please add Cinemageddon account/invite in the want part?
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