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  1. If still available, can I get one please, @piripitsis? Thanks.
  2. @hidoff59 I would like an invite if still available. Thank you.
  3. Also thank you to @Green Life, @Roentgenand @kara43408
  4. Interested in the giveaway. Thanks, @nomercymina
  5. Have got one TorrentLeech (TL) invites to giveaway. Cheers!
  6. @Rainbow Thanks for the GA. Interested.
  7. Okay got it. Yeah better than wasting upload credits with a zap. Only if the episode I had downloaded by mistake was popular. It's got 13 seeds and 0 leechers! Oh well, live and learn.
  8. @a1987b13 Applying if the giveaway is still on. Thank you!
  9. @Archiee Sorry for the ignorance but how do I re-seed without the file being there? Do you mean I re-download and keep seeding?
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