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  1. Just wait. Took me more than 1 week to get someone.
  2. You need to interview to get it, there is no invite system.
  3. 所有高烧以上等级会员(含高烧)将获得一枚限时邀请 ,于26日至27日可发,逾时将自动被系统回收。 All members with high fever class and above (inclusive of high fever) will receive a limited time invitation, which can be issued from the 26th to the 27th, and will automatically expired by the system when the time is up.
  4. @Ethan I previously posted but have not yet received the points or rep.
  5. Tracker Name - CHDbits Tracker URL - chdbits.co Comments - This tracker is having a temp invite from 26-27th Aug. Any CHDbits member able to provide me an invite? I have a seedbox and proofs if required.
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