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  1. @burndoggy, i cancelled the invitation code, it passed a week and you didn't used it. If you want again, post here but make sure you confirm, as soon as you can.
  2. @CGTitan and @Hk2018, send me your emails please.
  3. All accounts confirmed so far, only waiting for you to use the code @burndoggy.
  4. Yes @blackcobra, pm me your email.
  5. @burndoggy i don't why they got you that message, but tell me if you still want and i'll make another one
  6. @blackcobra and @burndoggy, i still have the invites, but if you don't answer, i'll give to others ok?
  7. Still waiting for @burndoggy and @Safeshop2000 to use their codes! Congrats for the rest!
  8. SceneRush SceneRush SCENE-RUSH.COM SceneRush é um site português P2P
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