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  1. Awesome purchase again! Ethan is a great seller! I got two things from Ethan that aren't listed here, but I knew he would have them. So proof he has more than is listed here. Ethan is always there to help me with my account needs. If he doesn't have something he always ends up getting it for me eventually. I just got a new Edu address since my last one's benefits are expiring with extra details. It isn't just some random Edu address that doesn't work at a lot of places and an invite to a forum that I've wanted on for do long! I'm so excited! Thanks so much Ethan for the stuff like always and for always coming through. If you are going to buy something buy from Ethan he's the best, and you know you'll get what you paid for and a guarantee that if anything happens he replaces immediately! I 100% reccomend you buy from this seller!
  2. Just got this and it's awesome! Ethan was quick and I was back to premium in no time. I usually spend about $10 a month for my Spotify premium which I cannot live without, but getting this now I get it for life for only $25!!!! Something else to add to my list of how Ethan has helped me on here! I'm saving so much just by getting this! If you want to save money every month and want Spotify premium this is one of the best deals you can get! Stop wasting money and get this already!
  3. Okay i'm going to get this as soon as I can probably on the 23rd for a Christmas present. Can you wait and activate it after 12am on Christmas itself? So it's a surprise for Christmas?
  4. I love this seedbox not only is cheap, but comes with lots of helpful plugins. I also get quick responses to problems, but you want to know something that proves the staff is awesome? I'm running short on money this month, and couldn't pay for my box. I'm getting some money on the 23rd, but it would've been deleted by then. This was devastating to me. I would've lost so much. So I wrote them about my problem and as a Christmas present they reactivated my account and changed my due date to the 23rd so I won't lose my seedbox! Truly amazing people that care about their customers! I highly recommend this seedbox!
  5. Going ahead and locking this! If you need a drive you can send me a message and we can work out a price, but I highly recommend going through @Ethan He got me my first Google Drive and I wasn't disappointed and still use it. You can find his thread HERE
  6. I still am a little confused about the difference between Youtube Red and Youtube Premium. Is Youtube Red only for Mobile devices? Phones and Tablets? Is that the difference. I'm badly in need of Youtube Premium for my niece. I can't let her on our accounts, because I can't let her on an account with a credit card, because of a corrupted app. I was going to buy her a gift card for a few months, but this will be better. She won't want it only on her phone though. So that's why i'm asking. If it is only for Mobile devices will it work on a Chromebook? I believe they run android apps.
  7. Right now I'm providing Google Shared/Team Drives for $25. Get unlimited space and be able to use with services like Plex, Emby and Jellyfin. Get them while they're cheap! A good drive is guaranteed any problems and I'll work with you through it and replace the drive if needed. All sales will be done through PayPal. Plus I'm selling 100% real Gmail Addresses for just a dollar a piece. More emails to add when syncing or cloning your drives or just for other needs. I'll also provide any help I can if you need help in any way. I'm only doing this cause I'm in a tight spot. This deal won't last long. So get it while you can.
  8. Get Red invites for only $75 usually sold for over $100. All sales will be through PayPal and i'll have no issue to do this transaction with a middle man.
  9. Welcome, if you're in IT you should try for the E-learning trackers. I heard Learnflakes is the best for IT.
  10. "Shakes head" First off welcome, second read Silent Watchers post and change your email! It's really necessary! Trackers are against invite communities. You don't want them finding you here and get banned. Have different usernames and different emails then here and trackers.
  11. One of my favorite new trackers! It's really awesome! Better than I expected.
  12. Some other things to know. You need to keep at least a 1.0 ratio at all times and they kind of push you to donate. If you donate you get site wide freeleech, can download as many torrents you want etc... Some of the best donating perks I've seen, but non donaters only get to download one download at a time when you first sign up and when you get promoted 2. So best to have a seedbox and be ready to donate to get the best from the site. Otherwise pretty good content.
  13. Anybody wanting a new Icon or header? How about a lockscreen or phone wallpaper, etc.. Post here you're sending me a pm. (Want to keep it active) Send me what you want and how you want it, including picture and size and whatever else you want. We'll talk details in the message. -Examples to come-
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