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  1. Welcome, if you're in IT you should try for the E-learning trackers. I heard Learnflakes is the best for IT.
  2. "Shakes head" First off welcome, second read Silent Watchers post and change your email! It's really necessary! Trackers are against invite communities. You don't want them finding you here and get banned. Have different usernames and different emails then here and trackers.
  3. One of my favorite new trackers! It's really awesome! Better than I expected.
  4. Some other things to know. You need to keep at least a 1.0 ratio at all times and they kind of push you to donate. If you donate you get site wide freeleech, can download as many torrents you want etc... Some of the best donating perks I've seen, but non donaters only get to download one download at a time when you first sign up and when you get promoted 2. So best to have a seedbox and be ready to donate to get the best from the site. Otherwise pretty good content.
  5. This list is kind of bittersweet so many have come and gone. There's so many memories in that list. There will always be sites to take the place of the sites we lost, but they'll never be the same.
  6. Anybody wanting a new Icon or header? How about a lockscreen or phone wallpaper, etc.. Post here you're sending me a pm. (Want to keep it active) Send me what you want and how you want it, including picture and size and whatever else you want. We'll talk details in the message. -Examples to come-
  7. It was supposed to be a secret opening. They even said to not post it on Reddit. So I didn't see it being open long. It was only open about a day and some of that day the site was down.
  8. I got what you meant. By now I'm in all you listed, but finder. What's that? I need omg too, did you find one? Pm me some torrent sites you're after and I'll let you know what I got.
  9. You also have to wait for the administrator to validate your account.
  10. Should've got here sooner "sigh" . So your saying you have a PTN invitation or an account?
  11. http://www.meeshdesigns.com/Western Fonts/
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