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  1. Hello Ethan, I wrote my opinions about BroadCity on here. Can I claim my points for the task? Thanks! 


  2. Recently, there has been recruiting members for BroadCity. Ofcourse I could not miss it as a Turkish. If you are interested with Turkish content, then you must join the BroadCity. There are like 5-6~ decent Turkish trackers after all and BroadCity is one of them. You might wanna look for it If you look for Turkish content. They also have original English audio in their torrents.
  3. Hello Ethan, I wrote my opinions about PTFiles on here. Can I claim my points for the task? Thanks!

  4. Actually I accepted with application to PTFiles, application asked so many things, It was annoying and I was excited about it when I got my accept but not gonna lie, content is not satisfying for me. I could not find most of the torrents that I looked but I can easily get them from well-knowed other trackers. I guess PTFiles is not the tracker that you wanna try hard to get in. If there is open sign-up go try yourself but yeah... you get it.
  5. Hello Ethan, I wrote my opinions about IPT on here. Can I claim my points for the task? Thanks!

  6. IPTorrents is one of the top trackers, maybe in top 5. Content is 10/10, speed is literally so fast and pretimes are 9/10. You must join this tracker If you are looking for decent tracker. but.. there is a big but for me. Minimum seed time is 14 days. So this is a lot! I pick my torrents from IPT If they are only available in IPT. Otherwise I don't prefer IPTorrents beacuse buffering ratio on there is tiring for me. I got no seedbox and their bonus system is not enough for buffering ratio. If you dont have any problem with ratio/seedbox, you'll be okey! Enjoy!
  7. Hi thanks for the GA, I apply for bithdtv! Proofs available If needed! @kardashian09
  8. My first and main private tracker! Its easy to maintain ratio for beginners, a lot of freelech content (all boxsets are freelech), They also got bonus point system for request, so you can spend these points as upload credit for your account. Best for movies/series/0-day releases.
  9. Thanks for the giveaway, I apply, like added PM sent!
  10. @A3I4 Definitely!! I also find 14 days too much but I can't ignore that IPT has some really rare torrents. TL is my favorite, no doubt.
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