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  1. Maybe I don't have the right to do something like this, but after a couple weeks of personal use, my tiny project proved useful enough that I want to take the risk of sharing it. Maybe this doesn't fit too well in the "Graphic Design" category, but I didn't find a similar place for programmers. I don't like searching random posts to find the links that I want. To fix this, I built this small bookmarks bar to help me navigate the site faster. I used the "User JavaScript and CSS" extension. All it does is inject the code written in the extension's editor in the files handed to you by the se
  2. YouTube Music. I just got a YouTube Premium subscription and I like it a lot.
  3. After downloading a torrent, how much do you seed it?
  4. I use Zorin which is based on Ubuntu.
  5. I prefer movies, as I have a bad habit of reading a bit too fast without profoundly understanding what is written.
  6. Udemy, without question. Yes, each course costs money, unlike SkillShare. However, Udemy instructors are making a lot of sales. They create classes miles ahead of what you'd find on SkillShare or Lynda. Plus, the store often "goes on sale" and you can get your hands on courses for $12 if the timing is right.
  7. I only voted for Pepsi because I get it more often than Coca Cola. They're so similar that any difference would be hard to point out.
  8. I use both for different reasons. (dual boot) However, I will put my vote in favor of Linux, simply because it is the OS that I use as a main on all my PCs. I use Windows for games and some software and Linux for anything else. I do not want to use Wine. It's funny because I made the switch in preference fairly recently and I know almost nothing about Linux. I use Zorin BTW.
  9. Hey, thanks for posting! I knew I could be interested in the tracker as soon as I saw the title.
  10. Maybe, because it would be amazing to see from my own eyes how ancient civilizations functioned and what people's lives back then were like. On the other hand, I want to know what happens in the future, so staying in the present is another good option. I would rather not make an actual decision as there is no choice that I think is clearly better.
  11. I'd like to know what type of keyboard you prefer! On my end, I like the clicky mechanical types, especially the old IBM-style models. I sometimes switch between my clicky and my rubber dome for the sake of variety.
  12. Detective, since I am becoming a little bored of action movies. May be the repetitiveness.
  13. I started out with uTorrent because it was the only software featured by those tutorial YouTube channels back then. At least, it's the only one I saw. I got tired of the advertisements and I stumbled upon a video recommending qBittorrent. I think it's better. There's no ads, the UI is good, it's easy to use... I think I made the right choice by switching from uTorrent to qBittorrent. I don't know about the other ones, though.
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