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  1. NicePT | XXX | 2020 Review Tracker Name NicePT Tracker URL https://www.nicept.net/ Tracker Genre XXX Tracker Type Ratio based Tracker Signup Open Signup / Invites Only Seed Difficulty Easy
  2. Partis.si | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name Partis.si Tracker URL https://partis.si/ Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio based Tracker Signup Open Signup / Invites Only Seed Difficulty
  3. This site will be open for registration for three days from October 1st. I wish you all a happy National Day and a happy little holiday.
  4. Every week we take a close look at the most pirated movies on torrent sites. What are pirates downloading? 'Enola Holmes' tops the chart, followed by ‘Mulan'. 'Antebellum' completes the top three. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. These torrent download statistics are meant to provide further insight into the piracy trends. All data are gathered from public resources. This week we have one new entry in the list. Netflix’s depiction of Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, is th
  5. Movie-Torrentz | MT | Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name Movie-Torrentz Tracker URL https://movie-torrentz.me Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio based Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Seed Difficulty
  6. The National Day Mid-Autumn Festival activities are arranged as follows: Station exemption & invitation level adjustment to aluminum ingot (Elite User): 2020/10/01----2020/10/04 for a total of four days, after the event, the invitation level will be restored to zinc ingot (Crazy User) National Day Celebration: Global Freeleech & Invitation access userclass to Elite User 2020/10/01 00:00----2020/10/04 24:00 (UTC/GMT +8) I wish all PTHome users the National Day happy!
  7. @neel_5 I would like to apply for torrentBD... I am in search for TBD for a long time, but I couldn't get one cause their invitation system was offline... good ratio proofs are ready
  8. TBD Referral system is back online. Can anyone help me out with a referral? That would be great...
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