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  1. This are my final numbers: download 3 TB and upload 7.3 TB. Very good cheep seedbox. But you have to do it right. Freelech, big packs (75 -100GB) movies, games and porn. Porn is the best. If the torrent is very big: 300GB+, download 10 - 20% with Deluge and seed for a long time. Thank you very much seedit4.me and @Ethan.
  2. @csjombang download big freeleech packs : movies, tv shows and games. 50 to 100 GB. And porn. Porn is the best. Cheers.
  3. I uploaded 2.35 TB in 7 days with moderate use. Best service you can find with good price !!! My full review here
  4. 7 days ago I won the Monthly Seedbox Giveaway. Thank you very much @Ethan and Seedit4me !!! This is my review. Happy reading. The Sidekick package is the starter package from the provider and it does offer great value for money with a price tag of 9.99 Euros per month, 1500 GB HDD storage and 2 GB of RAM. Payment methods : Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and cryptocurrencies - BitCoin and CoinPayments Inexpensive and solid service. 1Gbps connection has been more than enough for my needs. Really quick, never had any down time, easy to use and plenty of apps. An active Discord with direct access to help if you ever need it! https://discord.gg/9jYA7TX rTorrent comes pre-installed, if you have other needs you have deluge or other clients ready to be installed by 2 clicks of left mouse button. They have good seedboxes for beginners as they have simple choices and their seedboxes are easy to connect to and start, combined with Unmetered Bandwidth. Speeds are not the best for racing on trackers as the seedbox is shared with other users, but is perfect for long term seeding: 1.Old torrent, many seeders with one leecher (yourself) : 90 - 100 Mb/s download , 0 Mb/s upload 2.New torrent, one seeder, torrent under 50 Gb : 25 - 30 Mb/s download , 20 - 30 Mb/s upload 3.New torrent, one seeder, large torrent (100 Gb - 200 Gb) : 70 - 75 Mb/s download , 2 - 3 Mb/s upload . First 10% and last 15 % will be downloaded painfully slow ( 5 Mb/s ). I uploaded 2.35 TB in 7 days with moderate use. Best service you can find with good price !!!
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