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  1. @kardashian09 Heya, Ayush here.I am on trackers from 2008 and have good ratio on various general trackers. I also apply for tv-vault.Hope u find me perfect candidate.
  2. heya, i amm looking someone who will trade his Superbits account/invites with my Hd-torrents account
  3. @chachacha I will like to apply as well sir.I have good ratio on trackers and i am part of p2p community since 2008,hope u will consider me
  4. @kardashian09 hello i also apply like is added
  5. @kardashian09 hi mate i also apply as well.
  6. here is the link... Don't forget to say thanks by adding likes and rep. CLICK HERE
  7. @Maistron I wanted to enter orpheus from long time.I have really good ratio in trackers and i am in trackers from 2008 and my acc is still active one some.hope u will consider me.Adding like and reputation.
  8. FORUM NAME Name: Snahp.it URL: https://forum.snahp.it/ I would like to request an invite for this forum. Thanks
  9. Hey bruh @DarksideIH ,i also apply man . If u have invites would love to have one I have proofs too if u are concern too
  10. Hey,bruh if it is still available , would like to apply @nomercymina
  11. He is friendly guy and extremely fast responser too 😊 Best staff i have seen on invite hawk along with Ethan

    1. Achelous


      Thanks 🙂 

      Feel free to PM me if you have any queries.

    2. Ayush


      Sure, bruh

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