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  1. That can be tried, what to lose anyway
  2. According to the list given by BourneLegacy, KG has official recruitment on BTN, & the list doesn't have info on baconbits. So it seems like dead-end
  3. Where does KG recruit from currently? Heard they used to recruit from baconbits, do they now?
  4. Do i have to go through an interview in that time period, or just invitation will be available for all?
  5. Welcome to the community! Read the rules first, then head to your free ipt / tl invite!
  6. That is great! Best tracker for asian content.
  7. What is the best tracker for obscure movies?
  8. What's your favorite public anime tracker?
  9. Welcome to IH! Don't forget to read the rules first.
  10. Hope my grandchildren will get to watch this film
  11. Who will make it to UCL final this year?
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