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  1. @AtlAntA If you want me too at least try for you i am more than willing too..I cannot guarantee cause of what i said above but must be worth a shot..PM me regarding my other thread and i can also pass you on a screenshot of what i need too fill in for Exigo
  2. Exigo if i am right ( as i have account on there but never bothered with inviting anybody ) dosent actually work by giving users invites mate we have too apply too staff too invite other users and i have in the past been told it is not the easiest as staff are very paticular who is invited ..i shall double check tho edit : just checked yes we have too apply/make a request too invite people @AtlAntA
  3. WTB Karagarga Invite or account WITH email only and via paypal only Sensible prices only please.
  4. PTP invite for sale Inbox if interested with very GOOD offers i wont accept any stupid offers or i may possibly accept a decent trade. can show valid proof too anybody interested but please any silly offers will be a straight no
  5. i have buffered account with email but $60 is way too low as KG is hard too get at moment
  6. hi all, im looking too buy karagarga invite or account with email reasonable price paypal only.
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