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  1. 130 Billion Pirate Site Visits in 2020: It’s Marketing Treasure Last year there were over 130 billion visits to pirate sites worldwide, with the United States as the number one traffic source. New data from piracy tracking company MUSO further shows that streaming piracy remains dominant. While piracy is often framed as a threat, MUSO also uses its data to help copyright holders market their content to this untapped audience. Many copyright holders portray pirates as thieves that must be hampered or stopped at any cost. However, these same people are consumers too. In fact, rese
  2. Movies & TV Framework Revamp We've been hard at work lately rethinking the entire way we handle Movie & TV uploading, and today we're proud to announce a full system-wide revamp of our categories. Even though we're a general tracker, we want to put more effort into providing quality Movies & TV. There's a lot to talk about regarding the revamp, but I'll try and touch on just a few essential changes: Packs are gone - there are no more TV packs, or Movie packs. TV packs, which were our way of providing 'Complete Seasons' of a series have been replaced by a 'Complete Se
  3. it is not my store. It's InviteHawk's store. But it is paid with points. More account and invite https://www.invitehawk.com/membersshop/
  4. No have invite.. But, buy with points.., here: https://www.invitehawk.com/membersshop/view/390-baconbits-invite/
  5. TopHos News FreeLeech ON All Torrents Free set by s**** Until 26 Jan 2021 (2d 15:29:14 to go)
  6. The Leach Zone News Invites added Hey, we have decided to add * invites to your group class. Cheers The Leach Zone staff
  7. SpeedApp.io (ICETorrent, XtremeZone (MYXZ), SceneFZ.me) News Notice: Double upload for donations 23.01-25.01 donate
  8. SlitOpen News We need you in "Rescue seed" & Video-Korean is back! First of all, we really appreciate our users who waited patiently for this long emergency maintenance shutdown period. Now we're back, but with problems and policy changes. 1) What is the "Rescue seed" campaign about? We've had a physical disk malfunctioning, causing permanent loss of a few database tables. We tried hard to recover these, but there is one important table that we cannot repair. The lost table includes torrent_files, which enables to download .torrent seed files for users. The range o
  9. TV-Vault News Site-Wide Freeleech is now in progress! Nine and a half days left.
  10. The Leach Zone News Are you any good at GFX work?? Are you any good with photoshop??? Can you make banners and icons and such??? Want to be on the staff and earn rewards for your work as payment?? Message N*** if you're interested. We're looking right NOW, and if you can do it... LETS GO!
  11. PixelCove News Site is offline. "We will be back as soon as possible... But in the meantime have a cupcake!"
  12. Google Translation: The 1st PenTa Cup and the 3rd Beiyangyuan Cup Online E-sports Competition No brothers, no group! Hero, waiting for you to fight! The first PenTa Cup online e-sports competition jointly organized by TJUPT, SJTU PT, Nanyang PT and Nankai BT will start soon! From the 20th to the 25th, at 7 o'clock every night, let us meet the off- site link:: Fighting fish, start the Summoner Canyon Sao operation together! Thirteen participating teams, the exciting BO1 double defeat, who will win the championship, let's take a look! For details, please refer to the first P
  13. HDSky News Warning: The login page has been disabled. Please backup the cookies and DO NOT logout
  14. New contest International Beaver Day Donation Drive International Beaver Day Donation Drive With Festivus behind us, it is time to start planning for our next donation drive for a future, cummunity sponsored, Sitewide Free Leech Event...!!! International Beaver Day: April 7th Discuss this post here
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