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  1. ACE Targets Popular ‘Watched’ Streaming App Add-Ons in US Court The popular 'Watched' streaming app is used by large numbers of viewers to watch movies, TV shows and live sports for free. However, global anti-piracy group ACE is taking action to undermine the user experience, including by attempting to track down the operators of sites that form crucial parts of the extended 'Watched' infrastructure. In recent years, software applications that provide access to the latest movies, TV shows, live TV and premium sports events have become increasingly popular. Most commonly availabl
  2. DanishBytes News Server is down
  3. PassThePopcorn (PTP) News (HTTP & HTTPS) Tracker is offline for the past 1 hour.
  4. TeRaCoD News Google Translation: Bonus Points Dear users! It is important now that whoever has a lot of bonus points, to redeem those because there will be a different bonus system on the site. As well as the download, upload, seedless, accounting will change proportionally. Unfortunately, this is necessary because there are more and more dead torrents, it is not good for the site or the users. We want you to stay with us! The site will be updated soon, so it will work a little differently with more features and options. Thank you: Teracod Staff
  5. TopHos News FreeLeech ON All Torrents Free set by j**** Until 18 Feb 2021 (1d 03:15:50 to go)
  6. Reddit Piracy Takedowns and Subreddit Bans Skyrocketed in 2020 Reddit's latest transparency report reveals that the number of copyright takedown notices it receives continues to rise. Last year, 375,774 pieces of content were removed following copyright holder complaints. This is a 300% increase compared to the year before. At the same time, Reddit's repeat infringer policy resulted in 303 users and 514 subreddits being banned. With millions of daily users, Reddit is without a doubt one of the most visited sites on the Internet. The community-oriented platform has “subreddits” d
  7. PTSBAO News - Maintenance Google Translation: The site is closed for maintenance, please visit again later...Thank you
  8. TheSpit (Sport International Torrents) News Site is offline. "We will be back as soon as possible..."
  9. PTMSG News Google Translation: 2021.02.17 Do not publish various sources for the Spring Festival
  10. Oppaiti.me News Server is down
  11. Freeleech Picks February 2021 Hey Pervs, We proudly present our freeleech picks for February 2021! To view a collage of this month's picks, please Click Here. If you wish to view the previous picks, go to the collage section at the top of the page, and filter for Staff Picks. If you wish to discuss this month's picks, please do so in this thread. Enjoy!
  12. Progress Update Greetings MTV users! Well, it's been a long time since our last official announcement. It should come as a surprise to no one that multiple issues have affected our staff, jobs, and families over the past several months, but we assure you that we are still hard at work. We hope that everyone else out there is doing their best to stay safe and sane as well. As you may have noticed, getting things up and running is taking somewhat longer than we initially expected. The GOOD NEWS is that we have a few bits we can release right now: You can now browse torrents! While
  13. ExtremeBits News We're back again! Hi all, We're back online again after a recent issue with a domain renewal. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Global freeleech will remain active until the end of the month as a thank you for you patience. Stay rad, The staff
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