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  1. @HDYu, I would like to apply, thanks in advance
  2. @Achelous, I would like to apply filelist if it is still available, thanks in advance.
  3. @AtlAntA, I would like to apply for it, and I have ratio proof if requested, thanks in advance.
  4. @cluns, Hi, I d like to apply for an invitation, I have ratio proof if needed, thanks in advance.
  5. @XPRT hello, apply for an invite, thanks a lot for sharing. and I have ratio proof from the other trackers
  6. @Hch @Geraki @logitech @Zeh3 @Razer thanks guys
  7. on macos, Deluge wouldn't able to associate with magnet links, probably one of the reason.
  8. since AVG became part of avast, it lost the charm
  9. torrenting is complicated in terms of what is the breach of IP
  10. Waiting for the Barbarians worth the ranking,
  11. Looks like the open signup has ended..
  12. wow, a lot of sites never heard before, thanks
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