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  1. Too bad I don't understand nothing. Could not make any sense of those folders.
  2. As blackcrow said I also confirm that you may find some stuff on cinemaz. Not classic porn, but certainly lots of movies with nudity. I am not an expert though. If you could post some examples of representative movies I can search and see how much hits I find on cinemaz.
  3. Welcome to this great community. I hope you'll find everything you want and beyond.
  4. Thank you. Btw, the donation signup for PAT requires you to pay £ 50.00 once you send the form. I don't think this is mentioned on the signup page so I thought it may be useful.
  5. Great find And if you go up one folder there is even more stuff beyond horror : classic movies, kung-fu, cuneyt, John Wayne, ...
  6. You may want to add Proaudiotorrents to the list of donation signup trackers. Here is the link : https://www.proaudiotorrents.org/signup-donate.php
  7. Welcome and good luck in your quest for your trackers. Enjoy your stay
  8. So, I waited a few weeks before writing a review about seedit4me in order to have a better feedback and global overview of speed and reliability in the relatively long run. It's been now 6 weeks and I can say that I am very satisfied. I started out with their basic Sidekick plan and after 3 weeks, my 1 TB was almost full so I asked through support to extend to 3TB. The process only took a few minutes. So support is quick and efficient. As for reliability, no issues at all. And concerning speed, the advertised 1Gbps are there. Concerning usability, the interface is really g
  9. Hey, welcome. Hope you'll find everything you want... and more
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