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  1. @cryterion i am applying for 3dtorrents
  2. @Achelous Sir, i would like to apply for learnflakes because i want to learn many online courses for free , i don't have any e-learning tracker as of now so this would be helpful to me
  3. @kardashian09 i would like to apply for tv-vault
  4. @kardashian09 i apply ,like added
  5. @kardashian09 i apply for bwtorrents
  6. @kardashian09 i apply for giveaway
  7. @kardashian09 i apply for concertos..looks interesting
  8. @kardashian09 i apply for concertos and bit-hdtv and i can show good proofs from trackers ,i am a new member here but experienced in private trackers
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