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  1. All i can say is: excellent service (as always!). Ethan was able to find my model and rip her entire OFs for me and put it in an easily searchable and downloadable format. The turn around time was same day and I am very happy with the results. I would happily buy from him again.
  2. Got a sling account from Ethan, it is working great several weeks later. I have bought several things from him. I always have great experiences when buying from him. I have no trouble recommending doing deals with him! Thanks again, Ethan!
  3. Hello, Looking for INVITES for TV trackers (like BTN or something considered high tier). Make me a reasonable offer and I'll consider it. I have a buffered TTG account (1TB/240GB) and 1 invite for Redacted.ch and Orpheus to trade. I will be using a middleman once we agree on our trade terms.
  4. I have buffered TTG but I want BTN or PTP. PM me if interested.
  5. Just bought a Filelist invite from Ethan, he provided the invite within minutes and the invite worked with no issues. I never have any problems dealing with Ethan and I believe he is the most trust worthy person dealing invites on the internet. Period.
  6. I bought a PTN account from Ethan, he delivered it in a timely manner and the account is working well without issues. I've done several transactions with him and it ends well. I would highly recommend buying from him and I look forward to our next transaction in the near future.
  7. Sorry, I'm very confused about what we have to do to be considered.
  8. do you still have it?
  9. Welcome! There’s a lot of cool people and things on this site. I’m sure you’ll find what you are looking for
  10. I’ve been a member of bakabt for several years, the selection is above average when it comes to anime. As the above poster said, nyaa has a lot more things but I think bakabt torrents are better seeded and for longer duration. there is a lot of curation of the torrents added, so you can see the staff cares a lot about quality over quantity. I think it’s a good site to join.
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