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  1. @kardashian09 gave me invite and this topic can be closed @Aguia
  2. hello guys i am looking for any e learning tracker for some courses please give one if you have
  3. hello guys i have been trying to signup on losslessclub from two days but when i click check in it doesnt respond can i get any solution for this problem
  4. US Senators Patrick Leahy and Thom Tillis urge recently appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland to put the new piracy streaming bill to use. In a letter, they ask if streaming piracy prosecutions are a priority while stressing that enforcement actions shouldn't target individuals and legitimate companies. At the end of 2020, U.S. Congress passed the spending bill. The legislation package includes various copyright-related changes, including a new plan to criminalize streaming piracy services. The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act (PLSA), as it’s called, was only introduced a fe
  5. Revenue generated by pirate site operators in Russia is down for the third successive year. According to a new report by cybersecurity firm Group-IB, the market is now worth around $59m, down from a high of $87m in 2018. Enforcement action by BREIN, the MPA and ACE in 2019 disrupted the market but pirates have been quick to adapt, offering new systems and deploying countermeasures. In 2019, BREIN, the MPA and ACE teamed up to take down Moonwalk, a pirate CDN system that provided back-end services to large numbers of pirate streaming sites. Moonwalk’s business model was of particular
  6. Last month, the operators of scanlation site MangaDex revealed that the platform had been hacked. Showing an abundance of caution, MangaDex advised its users to expect the worst while it carried out a clean-up operation. As part of that, MangaDex is now using the DMCA in an effort to prevent the spread of its code, which was placed on Github following a ransom demand. Until very recently, scanlation platform MangaDex was riding on the crest of a wave. Growing its audience at an impressive rate, the scan/translation site was entertaining tens of millions of manga fans per month but then a
  7. A federal court in Virginia has granted Megaupload's request to keep the civil lawsuits filed by music and movie companies on hold until October. With no movement in the criminal case, this standstill could last for many years. Kim Dotcom and his colleagues are still fighting a US extradition request, a battle that started nearly a decade ago. megauploadIn 2012, Google Glass was all the rage and Microsoft released its latest operating system, Windows 8. It was also the year where Internet blackouts took place in protest against the SOPA copyright law. And a few days later, Megaupload
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