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  1. Yes, but most of the torrent tracker platforms are highly customized by internal developers. Btw I just found a Private Tracker Spreadsheet of the reputable trackers and their platforms/codebase. I've always wondered what software most of the trackers are using Private Trackers Spreadsheet HDVINNIE.GITHUB.IO
  2. Sure BHD looks great, I agree with you. My favorite is UNIT3D as well Maybe if someday I will built a Tracker, this would be my choice. Gazelle has also nice interface, but when I was researching many people on the Internet are thinking that its security might be poor, making the framework risky and unstable. Probably our admin have the same opinion
  3. Hi guys, I was wondering, do you know what are the best torrent tracker platforms or frameworks (possibly open source)? I was curious and I found that these are the most popular currently in the development community: UNIT3D - Stable private torrent tracker that is built on the PHP Laravel Framework. The development is actively maintained and the platform is very good option for movie trackers. Here's how looks the backend: NyaaV2 - Torrent Tracker platform written in Python. The development is also active, but this platform is probably good for open com
  4. Myanonamouse is an amazing community. I will consider donating a larger sum this month there. I've found a lot of valuable content there and the staff is really friendly and professional.
  5. @Achelous I would like to apply as well, I was looking for Invite to ABTorrents for a while. But I probably won't get picked
  6. BitSpyder | BS | E-Learning | 2020 Review Requirements for this giveaway: Please don't send me PM, every participant need to apply in this thread and I will choose you. Kindly add Like + REP I would need a simple ratio proof of the chosen participants. Do not apply if you can't maintain ratio. Do not apply if you have or already had an account there or been banned. Please give feedback after receiving the invite. Thank you and good luck Winners: 1. @SamB 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  7. qBittorrent fan here as well It's great and it's supported almost everywhere
  8. Very useful tips, thank you. I even found here some cool trackers that I never thought existed
  9. Just registered, thanks. The tracker seems very promising.
  10. This tracker is amazing. If you are a book lover, it's worth it to try and get an invite.
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