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  1. @Maistron I woud like to apply if it's still possible
  2. Tracker Name - [AvistaZ] Tracker URL - avistaz.to Speedtest - https://imgur.com/a/Y3CGLq8 Comments - I recently started intrested in Asian (Korea, Chinese) dramas and movies and I become a big fan on them. Then I knew that one of the best tracker for that is AvistaZ. I've never been banned on any trackers before, and I'm in some good rep. torrent sites as well. I would be very grateful if someone could provide me an invite.
  3. I'm selling at the moment 1 EMP account+ email. I accept BTC/PayPal + If you need, Ethan will provide you a free ExpressVPN for the account. PM me for the details.
  4. Which element of films (in general) do you like the most?
  5. Hello everyone. I'd like to buy a Hdbits and a BTN invite with fair price! PM me with your offer please.
  6. About me: fantasy, drama, adventure
  7. What kind of torrent sites do you like/search the most?
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