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  1. Tracker Name: DigitalCore.club Genre: General / English Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://digitalcore.club/signup/ Closing Time: Additional Information:
  2. Tracker Name: HDArea Genre: Chinese General Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://www.hdarea.co/signup.php Closing Time: Additional Information:
  3. They're different, it really depends on your needs. You can also combine them both to make some cool stuff. I personally feel more confortable with Photoshop, but Illustrator has some really cool tools that I'd love to use if I knew how to use it better
  4. League of Legends, and waiting for Horizon Forbidden West
  5. Lately Down Under by Men at Work
  6. The Back to the Future series, I have the dvds, and even Marty's hat in the future
  7. Game of Thrones, Handmaid's Tale, Snowpiercer
  8. Libertad https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11719562/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3
  9. Welcome Grip, have a nice stay!
  10. Hello and welcome Abram. Enjoy!
  11. Welcome to invitehawk, enjoy!
  12. Oh no, did I just missed that? it seems to be closed already
  13. I'm looking for an invite to CGPeers, or GFXPeers, much appreciated.
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