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  1. @Maistron i would like to apply. Like and rep added. Want for personal use. Thank you.
  2. We are trying to reduce the amount of E-Book uploads due to the recent surge in uploading small and freely available E-Books. We doubt that this kind of upload brings no benefit to the community except increasing torrent upload count. That's why we are going to apply some E-Book Uploading Guidelines which are listed below and we will keep modifying these guidelines from time to time. > E-Book or E-Book Packs that are less than 100MB in size are no longer allowed. > E-Book Packs must contain all the books of a certain Series or Author or Publication. > Incomplete
  3. @DarkbyTe66, i would like to apply. Thank you
  4. @DarkbyTe66, i would like to have an invite pleaseee. Thank you.
  5. @Maistron i would like to apply. I really need it for my personal use only.I love music.Thank you.
  6. @Maistron i would like to have an invite. Rhank you.
  7. @HDYu i would like to apply [ dont know whether previous will work or not] so this one
  8. @Mummra I would like to have an invitation to gazellegames or ncore. Proofs are ready. Like+rep added. Others will be given after the invite (if i get). Thank you. Really looking forward to it.
  9. @cryterion is it still available . I would like to have an invite there .pleaseeee. thank you
  10. Tracker Name -desitorrents Tracker URL -https://www.desitorrents.tv Speedtest - Screenshot-649 IMGBB.COM Image Screenshot-649 hosted in ImgBB Comments - can anyone invite me there, Please!!!!
  11. Welcome here hope you will find it helpful.
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