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  1. i used this seedbox for about 2 weeks now and i had 0 problems.Never used seed4me before so i didnt know what to expect when creating an account but it was easy and straightforward. So after few minutes i had my seedbox running and ready for me to use. First thing i noticed is the 1.5TB space they offer, thats alot for the price and great for long term seeding. They also have a great selection of apps for you to use + free vpn. The 1GB speed was the thing that got me worried at first but after i tried it for a bit i noticed that speed was better than i thought and that shows that they dont
  2. US Congress passed the spending bill a few hours ago. The legislation package includes the CASE Act, which establishes a tribunal for small copyright claims. A proposal to criminalize streaming piracy services also passed as part of the omnibus bill. Earlier today Congress approved the 5,593-page spending bill. In addition to the necessary paperwork to keep the Government running, the bill also included COVID-19 relief measures and other last-minute additions. Copyright Proposals Passed These late additions include two controversial pieces of copyright legislation: the CASE
  3. Low Ratio... ? We have found many users upload Duplicate posts / Non CG Contents , If we found kind of post , Uploader account will be "Permanent BAN"
  4. Almost Xmas!! Hi there, Just a last message from me to wish you a very Merry Xmas - and I hope that you will be able to spend it with loved ones and friends, if not, please join us in the CHAT ROOM on the 25th - at least we can have a chat and keep each other company. No need for any of us to be alone is there? Also, please big please can you help us out with a donation, we're currently at 44% and this is so sad, as I will be using my Xmas money to pay the site ... so help out, give me a Xmas with some chocolates too? Thanks for being with us,
  5. A new voting poll added. Please vote.
  6. IRC lines were not counted correctly for the past 9 days. A 2x line buff is in effect for the rest of the year as compensation.
  7. @DarksideIH in that thread aither is at trackers with application/irc signups while this thread is about open signup..no application or irc. appication/irc and open signup is not same thing
  8. Tracker Name: Aither Genre: General Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://aither.cc/register/null Closing Time: at least all through Christmas. Additional Information: Aither is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / Games / General Releases.
  9. Italy's Guardia di Finanza says it has carried out a "preventative seizure" of a pirate IPTV platform serving in excess of 50,000 users. The action follows an investigation by Sky and football league Serie A. According to reports, the authorities are now working to identify the platform's subscribers. While rightsholders and authorities all around the world are working to disrupt pirate IPTV platforms, in 2020 Italian law enforcement entities have been more involved than most. Every few weeks agencies including the Guardia di Finanza have announced fresh action to try and reduce the
  10. Google Translation: Registration is open during the New Year This site will be open for a limited time from December 24th to January 1st, and sitewide freeleech will be set at that time. Happy New Year everyone
  11. YouTube says it has found a "smoking gun" to prove that a class-action lawsuit filed by Grammy award-winning musician Maria Schneider and Pirate Monitor Ltd was filed in bad faith. According to the Google-owned platform, the same IP address used to upload 'pirate' movies to the platform also sent DMCA notices targeting the same batch of content. Grammy award-winning musician Maria Schneider and Virgin Islands-based Pirate Monitor Ltd teamed up in the summer to file a class-action lawsuit against YouTube. In an effort to gain access to YouTube’s Content ID system, the complaint stated
  12. ArabP2P News Website is unstable, experiencing loading issues for the past few hours.
  13. Tracker Name: FunkyTorrents (FT) Genre: Music Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: https://funkytorrents.com/inviteme.php Closing Time: Soon Additional Information: FunkyTorrents (FT) is a Private Torrent Tracker for Music Releases.
  14. TorrentSeeds News Global Freeleech is on.
  15. Blutopia (BLU) News Service Unavailable!
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