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  1. mobilism has the most i think.. as of trackers.brokenstone has some ios, ncore has mobile section with some apps and few trackers (ipt for example) have mobile sections with weekly packs of android apps.
  2. Guys i know that M-Team has official Recruit on alot of Chinese trackers. My question is, you guys know if they have any official recruitments on any non Chinese trackers?
  3. Nebulance News Site and Tracker down for maintenance
  4. Redacted (RED) News Website has been unstable for the past 1 hour.
  5. Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Holiday Fun! As is the tradition around here, we go crazy for the holidays. Here are just a few of the festivities coming up: Holiday themed movie/specials bonus: All holiday themed movies and specials uploaded this month will receive a X2 bonus! Just look for the X2 icon to ensure the torrent in question is eligible. Random Shoutbox questions: During December, any Staff member may pop up in the Shoutbox and ask impromptu quiz questions at random times throughout the week. It could be 1, 2 or 3 questions a day or 1 question every 1,
  6. Tracker Name: HD Dolby Genre: HD Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Just a moment... WWW.HDDOLBY.COM Closing Time: Registration is open 12/1-12/12 Additional Information: HD Dolby is a Chinese Private Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / TV / General Releases.
  7. Oppaiti.me News Server is down
  8. Some data and announcements about the site The number of people on the site is now reaching 15,000, and the number of seeds has reached 160,000, but only less than 4,000 are cut off. At present, the number of species produced has reached about 1 million, and the number of species produced is the second in the country. The server pressure is very heavy. Before the server hardware is upgraded again, the site has a tentative upper limit of 16,000. In view of the long-term development needs, the movie section will be revised in the near future, and duplicate and inferior seeds will be delete
  9. Sportscult.org is in free invitation mode. Sportscult.org gives you 3 free invitations to invite your friends from here.
  10. 2020 Fundraiser Dear friends, as this shitty year comes to a close, we invite you to still find in yourself the spirit of the season... the spirit of giving! Covid or no Covid, we still have to pay our bills, and are now looking for donations (via PayPal) to finance our hosting for the next 12 months. Every little bit helps, please give whatever you can to keep the site alive --your generosity is highly appreciated. Donations are open to VIP, former Donors, Uploaders, or Power Users with at least 1 upload in their history. If you would like to contribute, send a PM to F**** here
  11. i know a place for mobile apps that is relatively safe but its not a tracker,no idea if its same place Achelous told you but ill send you a pm about it.
  12. Nov 29th. Update on operating costs. You guys really put in a lot this month and have removed all worries. Thank you so much for this. When you see a donor remember to thank them. Thank you from B*** and the THC staff
  13. Disruption Thanks to *** Black Friday deals I have secured a new seedbox that will for all intents and purposes DOUBLE our current capacity. As I now migrate the bots from another server to our new one, there may be some disruption with some content becoming unavailable. I will endeavour to keep the disruption and content loss to a minimum. Going forward we should be able to reintroduce content such as TV Packs and Movie Packs etc, we shall see and i will be further in touch about this at a later date.
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