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  1. A 2 color, Black-Green screen Nokia phone, still works to this day, it's in my drawer.
  2. Message sent, I hope it reached your end. If there is anything else i should add / explain, let me know and i'll go further into it.
  3. I'd rather work, it feels a lot easier to move away from if there's something bad happening / if there's something bothering you.
  4. I'm applying for this giveaway. What I'm really interested in are shaders / unity plugins / polygon 3d models / animation & SFX samples
  5. 1337x, but i'm also enjoying Filelist, but i have a feeling i'm gonna love CGPeers when i'll manage to get an invite XD
  6. For a full VPN, I did use Avira Phanton VPN, Bitdefender's VPN and they're both good if you're willing to stick with their antivirus software. I did stick with Bitdifender's. For browsing I'm using the Opera's VPN, which comes at no cost and it's surprisingly responsive. For gaming, I did use ExitLag VPN, which was about $5/mo and it was totally worth it, no downtime, no ban on KR/JP/RU restricted games, I'd use it whenever I'll have to play a region locked game.
  7. Tracker Name - CGPeers Tracker URL - https://cgpeers.to/index.php Speedtest - Comments - I can prove i'm a good seeder with another tracker ratio. Thanks and happy seeding!
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