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  1. Tracker- 3 Evils Status - Site Down. This site can’t be reached
  2. Tracker-Semeando cc Status- WE ARE IN MAINTENANCE We will be back as soon as possible.
  3. Tracker-HDCOREA aka Born 2 SEED Status- Site Offline more then 2weeks now.
  4. Tracker-Tazmania-den net Status-Still down more then 4 weeks+
  5. Tracker- in the shadow iTS status- Site is UP again
  6. Tracker- in the shadow iTS status- site down . This site can’t be reached
  7. Tracker- ABNormal ( ABN ) Status- Currently in Maintance. ABN COME BACK IN 2d 7h 43m 13s
  8. Tracker Name- Kufirc Status- All support rewards will be credited 2x + a 48 hour individual freeleech will be provided to the sponsor until June 20th.
  9. Tracker- TheSpit Closing down Notice- The Spit will close down soon. It was fun knowing you. Grab all you can for the future. The site will terminate with all evidence lost forever.
  10. Tracker- NordicPlus Status- Site is DOWN more then 2 weeks.
  11. Tracker-tazmania-den Status- Site is DOWN since Couple of days
  12. Tracker-Sharewood Status- 500 Internal Server Error
  13. Tracker-HDCOREA aka Born 2 SEED Status- Site is DOWN since 3/4 Days
  14. Trombonist and composer Curtis Fuller, a pivotal figure on his instrument since the '50s and a beloved mentor, passed away May 8. He was 86. His death was confirmed by his daughter, Mary Fuller, and by the Jazz Foundation of America. "His sound was massive, striking and immediate, a waveform that was calibrated to overload the senses and saturate the magnetic tape that captured it," says trombonist and composer Jacob Garchik. "In our era of obsession with harmony and mixed meters, Curtis Fuller's legacy reminds us of the importance of sound." Ryan Keberle, another current leading tro
  15. “Vivo,” an animated movie that boasts new music from “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, is coming to Netflix. The family friendly film was initially scheduled to release in theaters on June 4. But Sony Pictures, the studio that originally backed “Vivo,” has instead offloaded the project to Netflix. It’s unclear when it will debut on the streaming service. Sony Pictures will retain all rights in China, along with home entertainment and linear television rights everywhere else, following periods of exclusivity on Netflix. Netflix recently signed a lucrative deal with Sony, whi
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