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  1. Thanks @Achelous very appreciated! Let me know when you know more.
  2. Hi @Maistron am I still in time? I would really appreciate an invite. Thanks
  3. Do you think myanonamouse have new poker content or only old books? @Archiee Which tracker is it?
  4. I'm trying to access the website but the link is a form to search people, what should I do to find the site?
  5. Great land Ethiopia! Very welcome! Jah bless
  6. Thank you very much for all the answers. Why everybody says Thevault is hard to enter? Tried to register on destination.poker , the form seems to be open but theres a required field of invitation code... Do they open for subscription sometimes? @BourneLegacy Thanks man, very useful the second link to the thread
  7. @deepdiggerI completely understand what you are saying. Maybe i'm an old school but i still think books are the best way to have organised info that you can easy read again if necessary. I feel a lot of video tutorials have the problem that if you want to recap something you heard on a video, you will need to seek for it on the entire video. I think summaries and books are great
  8. I would like to say that I like the content of this tracker a lot and its my favorite so far. But yes, the ratio is not easy...
  9. Looks a very good tracker indeed! @KindOfEveryColor Why do you think is it easy to join? What do you recommend me to do to get invited?
  10. Hi guys, I would like to ask you which one is the best tracker for poker content. I used bestpokertorrents for many years, missing the old times thanks in advance
  11. It says registration only w invites...it was open for a couple of hours only?
  12. Oh great, I had an account there but it went disable for not login. I was really hoping to get it again thanks bro
  13. welcome my friend, me too just got registered. Hope to find a new home here
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