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  1. Many people would argue that piracy is about convenience, rather than cost. A classic example is StarCraft 2, which had a singleplayer campaign that you couldn't play offline because of the DRM. The cracked game could be played offline, so people played that version. This argument further suggests that piracy doesn't hurt game sales, decisions like that hurt game sales.
  2. @zkl1880 welcome brother! I am also new to the forums. Feel free to add me as a friend and if there are any questions I can maybe help with please message me
  3. @xaralampos Welcome to the Forums! I am new here myself. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly. Feel free to add me as a friend and if you have any questions I can help with don't be afraid to ask
  4. As one of the original co-founders of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi knows a little something about keeping controversial services online. Kolmisoppi and his colleagues spent decades battling a global coalition of corporations, governments, and law enforcement agencies intent on wiping the file sharing website from the face of the internet. Unsuccessfully. Kolmisoppi took to Twitter this week to share some thoughts on Parler’s recent deplatforming for failing to seriously police death threats and illegal content before and after the fatal Capitol riots. “The Pirate Bay
  5. Yeah this is really crazy. Seems like he is very upset. Thanks for sharing the news.
  6. @Tiobob i am interested!! fingers crossed.
  7. Thank you for this in depth review. now i will pray for one day to be able to get in there. any recommendations to increase my chances are apprecaited. thank you for the in depth review, cheers!
  8. happy new year everyone and feel free to add me as a friend 🙂

  9. @Moveit2 welcome! i am also new here myself. great people, very helpful. add me as a friend, hope to see you around the forum!
  10. hard for me to follow since i live in the USA. do you guys use any website to stream it? if so please let me know, thank you.
  11. i like USA basketball. favorite team is los angeles lakers!
  12. Hello @Gamer and welcome. I am new here myself. Community seems to be very helpful and welcoming. Please feel free to add me as a friend and if you have any questions I can help to try and answer!
  13. welcome and please add me as a friend. i am also new to the forum
  14. @Archiee Thank you for the offer. I would like to apply Cheers and Happy New Year!
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