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  1. O M G your an artist, I hope yo finr ehat you are look for I sam an amturer at photoshop myself Had to learn it for wprk and now I am self learning art I would love to see your art if you don't mind showing some Imgur lol
  2. @Jakzor welcomr to the party mice to meet you
  3. Possessor (20200) Brandon Cronenberg a mind boody Horrror with an intresting throught plot line a person Possessors other people Itt is the horror of that is trippy and and about the minbd 6.8/10 I neeed to rewatch David Cronenberg is known foe body hoorror movies ( father ( is it ok if i keep posting to my own thred ) ??? ?? Possessor (2020) - IMDb the uncut version as naked people
  4. Hi @XiNFiNiTY welcome the the site I hope you find what you are looking for
  5. wow I have never seen an intro likr this yet. ( Ransom note ish (b I Enjoy ) welcome to the group, Groupie Lets talk movies what do you like ? bottle
  6. Thr Craft< A tipcallu teenage easy watch teen drarama about witchess think of your tipcal teen highschoocool gril movie about no one fitting in and add just stright pplot insetrts of socail messages and your o so tipcally backlash archytime they type casted this whole movie if you want a bad movie to just chill and make fun of the plot then this is for you The Craft: Legacy (2020) - IMDb 3/ 10 did not know this was remake of a 1996 movie
  7. wwelxome intresting profile pic, were is it it frm ?
  8. THe Blackcoat's daughter The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - IMDb Very suspence and ominous atmospherice tone to schoolgirts in a regioiooous bording school Devil take over %.5/10 would watch again cuss i feel like there is some deeeper meaning behind the plot that I just missed and This mis movw have another meaning or two behind it Maybe I did not follow the plot but I am confused .... please help
  9. I have enjoyed the new rerealse of the chase with the jeopardy big winners : James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter The Chase (2021) - Season 1 Reviews - MetacriticI came to realize that this was reboot of a show that was aired back in 2013-15 but I think it was only on Gsn . and this show was a franchise of the original show that happened in Great Britain back in 2011 I could not find may sites sharing this content for download.. but a lot of the old esps. are still up on b youtube in full. Posted by old smirf acccounts :) Good trivia show
  10. Hey @Peace WElcome to the crew, I am also new here and so far thease guys are very welcoming I did not really now there was Business/ Investment/ Health trackers ? I go for for more of the music TV and movie trackers I learned soming frim you Bottle
  11. whatc areencoders? and how Might one use this information if they have it..? New to this and I am just trying to learn / understand q
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