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  1. @SpeedyKoala If it's ok i apply too
  2. @baby Hi, If it's ok I apply too
  3. @kardashian09 Hi, If it's OK i'd like to apply for Concertos
  4. @Achelous I really can use one so I apply
  5. @TUF yeap proton works fine try protonmail.com
  6. @nomercymina Hi, if it Ok. I'd love to apply for it.
  7. SchlampeSwanzen Oh, I would love to get an invite to the SpeedApp
  8. Hi @SpeedyKoala I have to apply for BIT-HDTV
  9. Hi If I may I'd like to apply for IPT @SpeedyKoala
  10. Tracker Name: HQMusic Genre: Music Review (If Any) Sign Up Link: Register :: HQMusic.info HQMUSIC.INFO Closing Time: N/A Additional Information:
  11. The site has a newbies task (50GiB download/50GiB upload). Just like it's name is the tracker more about educational content.
  12. It has a very good UI in my opinion and browsing in it feel good but it is far from the prime time of itself.
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