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  1. This is not the first time I had purchased an invite from @Ethan and I recommend you should also do the same. He answers quickly and promptly. You should buy your invites from him if you want to have a quick and easy transaction. You will not regret it, and I will be purchasing more in the future.
  2. Hi there I'm a big jpop fan and would love to apply for an invite please. @baby. Thanks.
  3. This ties for the best wrestling tracker with XWT and XWT Classics. You can find old and new matches here and retention is good. Its best too have this tracker as a supplement to XWT incase they do not have something that PWT does. For smart marks, somethin that should not be missed.
  4. As a general sports tracker, not stand tall as sports cult. Although boxing and mma trackers feature more in the way of mma. This is very useful for everything including hockey, basketball, soccer, football and others. If you are a sports fanatic this should be your first stop for general sports torrents. Reccomended!
  5. SDBits has exclusive content that will only be found ripped from vhs and dvd. Lower quality, but the only quality it will often exist in. This tracker is a powerful supplement to your other general trackers and movie and tv trackers. Highly underrated and worth joining if you get the opportunity.
  6. Lossless club is a private tracker focusing on music. It is Russian and Ukrainian but also features English as a secondary. It has many flac files and lossless audio and is easier to join then some other music trackers, but does not lack quality. If you do not have a music tracker it will be of considerable use to you. In pretty high demand so join if you can!
  7. Cartoon Chaos is the quintessential cartoon tracker for both classic and contemporary, mostly western animation. You can find anything and all sorts of content related to such. The community is good and if you like this type of content it is a must have. You can find cartoons from the 50s and before that you would find nowhere else. I reccomend you join this one.
  8. This is legit and the invite giver was a joy to deal with. I recommend highly.
  9. The counterpart to XWT, this site hosts all the wrestling content made before 1995, all else resides on its counterpart and sister site. If you have been a fan of wrestling since the 80s, there exists no better tracker then this. You will find everything you are looking for and that is filmed. Registration is open right now so highly recommended to join.
  10. The oldest and best tracker specializing in content relating to wrestling. It has interviews, events and more. It has a sister site called, XWT Classics which has all the older fights, while this is all the fights from the contemporary era. Depending on what you are looking for, you may wish you jojn XWT Classics instead. Overall highly recommended if a fan of wrestling.
  11. This tracker has a huge back log of older fights. Including Pride and all of UFC from 1 to present. It has instructional videos and documentaries. Torrents are well seeded. Its an absolute must join for anyone into combat sports. If you donate it even has live events and private links to said events. Reccomended!
  12. This tracker contains a vast archive of older fights dating to black and white era of film. The community is small but tight nit and the community has a comfortable atmosphere. Recommended to download older torrents to help build ratio before going for the newer more well seeded torrents. The best boxing tracker available for older content and highly recommended.
  13. This tracker is devoted to pornography of the Asian but also eastern-European and hentai variety. There is many JAVS as well as homemade films, and they are well seeded. You can join the other trackers as well through there invite system. The other trackers are also part of the ExoticaZ family including AvistaZ. Highly reccomended if you like asian content of this kind.
  14. A very special tracker based around hentai of anime and manga variety, also has many JAVS. The community is small but very tight nit and active, you will find many people willing to help you as long as you try to help yourself. A bonus points system allows for rising keeping a good ratio and there is a user rank system. A niche but very nice tracker and comes highly recommended.
  15. For Asian content this is the final say in general content, porn, television, some manga even. Play your cards right and you can end up in the AvistaZ network, including Cinemaz, ExoticaZ and others. Stay active within the first 30 days or risk being deactivated. The rules are very reasonable.
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