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  1. "We have done it! We've made first Contact!" We had always looked forward to this momentous day with excitement but it has quickly turned into a nightmare. We are appealing to you, our users, we could really use your help right about now! We're not sure why we were chosen, but it's too late for second thoughts now. One of our users, ps4gamer, has been kidnapped! For safety, our team has been locked away in a private bunker. It took some effort, but we've managed to get this message out to you! The aliens sent us a message earlier today, but we are having trouble decrypting it. Since
  2. Denuvo is the most well-known videogame anti-piracy system on the market and also the most controversial. Critics believe that the system is anti-consumer but is that reputation really deserved? TorrentFreak caught up Denuvo’s Chief Marketing Officer and was informed that the Denuvo team is compromised of passionate gamers who do not slow games down. Last month we reported how anti-piracy company Denuvo is in the process of recruiting a a Sales Director for its video games security system. For the right candidate, it will provide a unique opportunity to not only encourage uptake of D
  3. The number of leaked pirate screeners has dropped to an all-time low. Thus far, only three screeners of Oscar contenders have been released, which slashes the previous low in half. While it may be tempting to conclude that Hollywood finally has the screener problem under control, shortening release windows and online streaming premieres appear to be the main driver. oscarsThe coronavirus pandemic has changed the world over the past year and Hollywood is no exception. Movies theaters had to close around the world, so studios started experimenting with shorter release windows or got ri
  4. US-based streaming audio service TuneIn has failed in its bid to have a High Court judgment overturned in the UK. The Court of Appeal found in favor of plaintiffs Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, ruling that when TuneIn facilitated access to radio stations unlicensed for use in the UK, the aggregator service breached the labels' copyrights. TuneInIn 2017, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group sued US-based radio aggregator TuneIn for infringing their copyrights in the UK. TuneIn offers some premium streams to customers but describes itself as an “audio guide
  5. The popular and entirely legal Steam Database has found itself in a precarious position following two erroneous DMCA notices from SEGA. Steam Database's host is being asked to suspend the platform due to a claimed lack of response to the first notice. This prompted the site to take down entirely legal content in an effort to address the problem. SEGAWith millions of visitors every month, Steam Database (SteamDB) has established itself as a formidable resource for gaming fans. The third-party service’s aim is to promote Steam by providing insight into the gaming platform and th
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