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  1. Tracker Name - [Pornbay] Tracker URL - [https://pornbay.org/] Speedtest - [] Comments - I can provide ratio proof. have a seedbox as well.
  2. I'm scared for matrix 4 but still hope it's good
  3. that is a mind boggling number, i know it was and is popular but still, over 9 billion is crazy
  4. I picked up a seedbox just to try it, I've been happy with it. I got a 10gbit box and I will say I don't think I've ever seen it go above ~ 1gbit, even with multiple transfers going, but otherwise 0 complaints. I recommend them although I have no experience with other companies.
  5. @Eren I'll apply, couldn't hurt to have 'the best' general tracker out there. Thanks in advance regardless of who you give it to.
  6. I'll apply, start trying to build a good collection of trackers/ratios. Thanks for the giveaway regardless.
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