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  1. Giving away 1 x Scenetime invite. I may ask for proofs. Best of luck everyone!
  2. Congrats @banglabhai420 thank you to all applicants. this GA is complete
  3. Giving away 1 invite to Bit-HDTV Apply here Goodluck everyone!
  4. Great applicants with great ratios, It was an excruciatingly close decision. Congratulations @KILLSHOT GA complete.
  5. Hello all, My inbox reached maximum capacity and couldn't receive anymore messages. I have fixed the issue, I should be able to receive messages now. Sorry for the inconvenience
  6. @Spyder70 @KILLSHOT @banglabhai420 @darkestlord @peekaboo @danny1256 @TUF PM me your proofs the more ratios you send the better your chances
  7. got some good candidates so far. Hurry up and apply if you haven't already
  8. @[email protected] alright guys you got your points across. lets keep this thread for applications only from now on please. No need to reply to this post, we good. //Staff Edit: Discussions are now Hidden. Good luck with your Giveaway.
  9. Giving away a 1 x PrivateHD invite. Apply here, those who participate most on this site will get a slight preference. At least 3 ratios proofs and speedtest will be required, seedboxes are a bonus. Do not PM me unless I ask you to. Goodluck, and give thanks for this amazing site!
  10. I know this is a request but if you happen to have an extra TV-Vault invite i would be happy to trade it for a PrivateHD invite if you were interested.
  11. Still searching for a kind soul to bless me with an invite into this tracker of which I would be most eager and humble to join.
  12. I humbly bump. Please, oh kind stranger, help a fellow data hoarder out.
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