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  1. Giving away 2x LossLessClub invites. Review: here Requirements: Like this post At reply to me in this thread. Include proof of ratios for a stronger application. You must not have had a losslessclub account previously. Only apply if you're going to maintain ratio. I will PM the winners in the week for an email address.
  2. 1x Orpheus invite. Winner announced + topic locked. This is my first completed giveaway
  3. Winner this time was @HOCD1A035 working on earning some more invites, so will be back soon. Thanks all for applying.
  4. Currently giving away 1 invite to Orpheus. Rules: If you already have an account or have had one and have been banned, please do not apply. Like this post + rep me At me in this thread, so I know you're interested. Please only apply if you're planning to seed and maintain at least 1 ratio. Please provide proof of ratio on other trackers. After you apply, I'll PM you for an email address.
  5. Tracker Name: Kufirc Genre: XXX Review (If Any): Sign Up Link: https://kufirc.com/register.php Closing Time: Unknown Additional Information: Hungarian Porn tracker
  6. @daryush yazdi I'd like to apply please.
  7. I have 2x IPTorrents invites I will give away. Steps: Like and rep me. At me in this thread. Please provide proof of at least 1.0 ratio. Do not apply if you've had or already have an account there. Do not apply if you're not going to seed. First come first served. After application, I will PM you for email address.
  8. Ontarian crested swallow
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