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  1. Tracker Name - slitopen Tracker URL - https://slitopen.me/ Speedtest - Comments - Speedtest is of my VPNed connection, but I tend to use managed seedboxes with 10Gbps connections. I also have some invites I can trade: nicept (multiple) orpheus (multiple) losslessclub (multiple)
  2. Tracker name: NicePT Tracker URL: https://nicept.net Domain redirects to google hong kong
  3. What are people's feelings on this? It feels a bit like a power trip from Alastor. If uselessking was going to come back and seed, doesn't that help the community rather than having a deactivated account? edit: this may not be an appropriate place for politics, but the nebulance tracker gives me some bad vibes.
  4. 1x NicePT invite given away: winner has been announced + thread has been locked.
  5. Tracker Name: Nebulance.io Tracker URL: https://nebulance.io Site is down -- Maintenance page shown. Been intermittently reporting 502 -- Bad Gateway errors prior to that. Expected downtime is unknown ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Staff Edit : Site Up Agian (27-07-2021)
  6. Aaaah of course, Wales. Good shout Azerbaijan
  7. not convinced there are any countries with W or X? Y: Yemen
  8. Giving away 1x NicePT invite. Review: Here Rules. Must be for personal use You must not have had (or currently have) a NicePT account. Like and Rep. At me in this thread so I know you're applying. Really easy to maintain ratio here, so please do not apply if you're planning to just leech and not maintain at least 1.0 ratio.
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