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  1. Tracker Name: Renegade-Tracker Tracker URL: https://renegade-tracker.com/ Error 524 | A timeout occurred.
  2. upgrade tracker error, tracker has been urgently restored. 5000 total station users compensation magic value
  4. Heyo! We wanted to post a more detailed update but sometimes time doesn't permit. Anyways...here we go: -Forum categories have been condensed to accommodate how the site handles News/Contests/Blogs -Bonus Shop is close to being final. We will review the current numbers and adjust as needed -Games category added (as per the last update). Feel free to upload what you have but the rules may/will change in the future as we figure out naming conventions -User security defaults are being implemented. Keep your account safe and enable 2FA! I'm sure there's more that has been missed and will be added in a future update. For now, enjoy CRT and keep doing what you are doing! Not on IRC? You should be! Come visit our IRC channel! -CRT Staff
  5. Tracker Name: CGPeers Tracker URL: https://cgpeers.to/
  6. OurBits has been online for almost five years and the anniversary is coming up in this month. Thanks for everyone's support in past years! And now, we are going to collect Anniversary badge from all members, and we have some awards for this event to improve the enthusiasm and the quality of the collected badges which are: listEveryone who participated this event seriously will have 40% off to buy the Anniversary badge. listIf your design is the chosen one then you will get the Anniversary for free. Besides, you will get 6 months VIP. [Requirements] List The design of badge should be related to our website(OurBits, Our Bittorrents Club) and the theme of 5th anniversary. ListOne big and one small two badges, the big one (130*148) is displayed under the avatar and the small one (15*15) is displayed next to username. ListImage should be in PNG format with transparent background. You can send me .psd file via PM-ing me. Due date: 2021.11.18 00:00:00 Just reply to this thread to submit your design.
  7. Show/Hide 2021.11.10- Double 11 Carnival The annual Double 11 Singles Day is here. To thank you for your long-term support, from now until 24 o'clock this Sunday, if you donate to VIP or above, you can get double duration, double rewards, and an anniversary medal! The lemon family is formed by everyone, and the glory of lemon is achieved by everyone. Thank you for accompanying lemon all the way! BTW: The time for giving the anniversary medal is the day when the medal is open for purchase (December 12, 2021)
  8. Tracker Name: CartoonChaos Tracker URL: http://www.cartoonchaos.org/ This site can’t be reached.
  9. Tracker Name: nCore Tracker URL: https://ncore.cc/ This site is not responding.
  10. Tracker Name: TotallyKids Tracker URL: http://www.totallykids.tv/ This site can’t be reached.
  11. BrSociety has recently gone through some changes and with that ended up happening some unforeseen events, such as the wrong H&R count and the return of courses that had the correct seed time for the unsatisfied tab. Don't worry about it, the H&R's have been removed and all dissatisfied courses have been forgiven, however this in no way means they should stop seeding, remember how a P2P community works, where files can only be shared with the help from those who already have them. Finally read the rules again as significant changes have taken place. Another important point to note is that the bonus table has been readjusted, the item now taken into account is the torrent size only. Among the changes there is another fundamental point which is the way new users enter the site. Until then, BrSociety entered into "open registrations" mode periodically, now this is done differently, there is no longer any opening forecast in this format. Anyone who wants to enter without an invitation needs to complete a few steps. All of this is explained in more detail in the links below. For detailed information on changes, access: Important Information (Maintenance, Rules, Site Login...) For general rules: Rules We also remember the importance of donations. BrSociety is an amazing community and any help to maintain this project is essential, to find out more: Donations A big hug. Launcher.
  12. Tracker Name: Extemebits Tracker URL: https://extremebits.net/ This site can’t be reached. -------------------------------------------------------- Site is up and running.
  13. Hello, The maintenance and implementation of the adjustments has already been completed. It looks like this from now on: Minimum Ratio : 1.0 Hit and Run : 10 hits forfeit download rights. With 15 hits the account is banned. New Table of BONs:  Minimum seeding time: 120 hours (5 full days), you have 30 days to comply and not take hit and run. In 20 days a notice is sent and with 30 days hits arrive. Hit and Run expires 30 days after active, remember that becoming a donor does not erase your hit and run past, it only saves your account while active. Hug everyone, Sirius.
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