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  1. Tracker Name: BTSCHOOL Tracker URL: http://pt.btschool.net/login.php This site can’t be reached!
  2. ..:: MidNightClub ::.. MidNightClub | MNC | General | 2021 Review TRACKER NAME : - MidNightClub TRACKER URL : - https://www.midnightclub.xyz/ CATEGORY : - General TRACKER TYPE : - Ratio-based TRACKER SIGN UP : - Invite Only, Open MAINTAIN RATIO : - Easy BONUS : - Difficulty ..:: Tracker Description ::.. MidNightClub is a new tracker in the Private Trackers World It has just started to come in existence so there would a lot of maintenance work and bugs. It is based on the General Category. This tracker has got the ratio system and the upload is easy with low speed actually because of the low seeders. ..:: Home Page ::.. ..:: Profile ::.. ..:: Staff ::.. ..:: User CP ::.. ..:: FAQ ::.. ..:: Donate ::.. RATING PRETIMES 1 / 10 SPEEDS 2 / 10 CONTENT 0 / 10 COMMUNITY 2 / 10 OVERALL 2 / 10
  3. Tracker Name: MidNightClub Tracker URL: https://www.midnightclub.xyz/ Not Responding | Maintenance Break
  4. Traker Name: Cinematik Tracker URL: https://www.cinematik.net/login.php (Cinematik: Autumn 2021 Freeleech!) Another Summer is over, alas, and another Fall has set in. In the northern hemisphere days are ever shorter and likely rainy. So, to make you feel comfy, starting immediately TIK is treating you a 7-day Freeleech that should suit Down Under members as well, although they call it springtime. All torrents on site will be completely free to download until 8pm GMT (give or take) on Tuesday September 29. Due to software issues no uploading will be possible for the duration of the event, so this would be an ideal time to catch up on your bookmarks and hopefully revive some dead torrents. Be aware you may incur the lurking 502 error, particularly this time of the day. Be patient and hang in there, 7 days is a long enough term to complete anything if you're wise - reportedly, it took just as long for creation itself. Usual caveat: Don't forget to seed back everything you download to a 1:1 ratio, or for an absolute minimum time of 4 days. Hit-and-run behavior during freeleech is the sure way to hell... and Staff will be the ferryman. Much love, Staff
  5. The Website UI has been changed.
  6. Buy Bitcoin with your Credit Card. There are many providers - for example: CoinBase.com , Coinmama.com , Shapeshift.com , Bitpanda.com , CoinPayments.net . Once the cryptocurrency is in your wallet, transfer to the address provided after selecting one of the options below. We also a tutorial on how to donate using CoinBase.com please see: How to donate via Cryptocurrency . Donations are processed automatically, but if you run into any trouble, you can always message Creator . Want to donate again, but your VIP period is still active? No worries, the VIP period extends!
  7. Tracker Name : AussieRules User Class : Account in Good Standing Official Recruitment Threads : T3nnisTV Tracker Name : Empornium User Class : Great Perv+ | Power User | 1 year + 20 Uploads (respectively) Official Recruitment Threads : Aither | Anthelion | Gazelle Games | HD-Torrents | Immortals | morethanTV | Orpheus | PixelCove | UHDBits | Sinderalla
  8. ..:: KaraGarga ::.. KaraGarga | KG | Movies | 2021 Review TRACKER NAME : - KaraGarga TRACKER URL : - https://karagarga.in/ CATEGORY : - Movies TRACKER TYPE : - Ratio-based TRACKER SIGN UP : - Invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : - Medium BONUS : - Yes ..:: Tracker Description ::.. KaraGarga is a tracker that has a huge repository of old films consisting of silent movies, surreal movies, art house, rare films and many more it does not only consist of movies it has documentary programs, literature and music sections. It is exceptionally good for subtitles as the user base have done a magnificent job at translating a lot of foreign films into English the quality of uploads varies if you find 1 film of low quality you will most likely find the same film in a much higher quality which is always nice. They have a Freeleech section consisting of 25 - 30 torrents (changes often) that allow you to build a nice ratio their largest torrent size consists of 301GB and they have 13152 pages available to browse through. Currently the invite system is closed although management and possibly uploaders can invite new users. ..:: Login Page ::.. ..:: Home Page ::.. ..:: Torrents ::.. ..:: Class ::.. ..:: Support ::.. ..:: Manifesto ::.. ..:: IRC ::.. ..:: Rules ::.. ..:: FAQ ::.. RATING PRETIMES 5 / 10 SPEEDS 8 / 10 CONTENT 9 / 10 COMMUNITY 7 / 10 OVERALL 8 / 10
  9. Tracker Name: NotWhat.CD Tracker URL: https://notwhat.cd/ Error 522 | Connection timed out
  10. @Andromeda Applying for TorrentLeech and TorrentDay Both
  11. Tracker Name: PTTIME Tracker URL: https://www.pttime.org/ SQL Error Table './pttime/users' is marked as crashed and should be repaired
  12. The Site Staff, We want the donation as we're late as usual, any kind hands would be appreciated!
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