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  1. Signup process has troubled. It always says "Cookies must be enabled to sign up or log in" when I clicked to Register, even though I've enabled them and disabled uBO and internal blockers. Tried different browsers, it's the same. Interesting. Edit: I've signed up in Bromite (Android) with no special character in the pass and used full domain name of Protonmail, not pm.me.
  2. @Achelous Well, then I've found what I've been looking for. Yes, the main problem is less seeded torrents. Of course continuity matters.
  3. I'm getting love this tracker more and more everyday. Why is OP low-rated that, didn't get it. It has actually pretty decent and user-friendly interface and content selection. Sometimes, it might be hard to find more seeds but you can request it easily. It's now my second preferred tracker after PrivateHD for HD/Bluray contents.
  4. They are making fun of us.
  5. @cryterion I could apply to bitHUmen, if it's still available. Thanks.
  6. The site and the community looks beautiful. Can't wait to get in.
  7. This news made my day. Avistaz Network's trackers are pretty good, imo. In may of this year, They were opened registration as whole network for a couple days. Sadly, I didn't aware of that. Now I'm looking forward to get into the Cinemaz too. Hope I will soon. The uncomfortable thing about this network is they're forcing people to close their VPN at registration.
  8. I'd like to apply, If it's still available. Thank you.
  9. I'd like to apply for SceneTime and LoseLessClub, If They are still available. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'd like to apply for it. Have 2 ratio proofs. Thanks in advance!
  11. Their attitude toward strangers is toxic according to their IRC statement. What a wasted potential for such a Niche area.
  12. Tracker Name: Nordic+ [Not active atm!] irc.nordicplus.org:6667 (secure ports are +6697 and +7000) #Support: No off-topic chat. Only for support talkable in #Nordic+. No double entries. We first heard you. Write only in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English.
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