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  1. @Achelous It looks like there is no sign that they are going to close anytime soon. But the site is in beta. (About page)
  2. Name: Anime Tosho (DDL, Torrent, Usenet, ed2k) Type: Anime Link: https://animetosho.org/ Registration open.
  3. @Achelous 1:1 ratio rule is vague for both of them since there are also the required ratio tables other than minimum seedtime. GFXPeers Ratio Rules HappyFappy Ratio Rules
  4. @blackcrow Didn't check that earlier. Thanks for the suggestion. They have lots of OF contents.
  5. AsianDVDClub: N/A Audionews: N/A BiTTurk: 1:1 or 3 days (72 hours) BitSexy: 1:1 or 1 day (24 hours) Cathode-Ray.Tube: N/A Concertos: 7 days Dragonworld-reloaded: 1 day (24 hours) Film-Paleis: N/A GFXPeers: 3 days (72 hours) HappyFappy: 3 days (72 hours) Hebits: 1:1 or Regular torrents 3 days (72 hours) / Season packs 7 days (168 hours) HDTurk: 1:0.8 or 3 days 18 hours (90 hours) JustJerk.Me: 1:1 or 3 days (72 hours) Orpheus: N/A PeerJunkies: N/A PussyTorrents: 1:0.4 or 2 days 12 hours (60 hours) SDBits: N/A Secret Cinema: N/A / But making often Hit & Run may result in you to be deleted. Swarmazon: N/A Teracod: 1:1 or 2 days (48 hours) Turkseed: 2 days (48 hours) TV-Vault: N/A / But Hit and Runners are not tolerated. Uniongang: N/A
  6. Hey there, I'm looking for a website, forum or private tracker that covers OnlyFans accounts ripped contents. Do you know any source for it? For example which PT is best for OnlyFans rip contents? Thanks in advance.
  7. @Eren There is no Invite Forums for default user class. What is your user class?
  8. @Andromeda I'd like to apply for TorrentDay. Thanks for the giveaway.
  9. @Ethan Some edits: PrivateHD - 10,000 BP TranceTraffic - "time to time" (Typo)
  10. @Ethan If @Eren clarify where he found the official recruitment threads, I can check that again. But as I see, there is no official invite/recruitment threads anywhere, that Film Stunts able to view.
  11. @joseph12 I'd like to apply, if it's still available. Thanks for the giveaway.
  12. TeamHD doesn't allow to sign up with VPN but after 24 hours they are allowing to use it.
  13. 1x SceneTime (I have to ask 30 GB+ upload proof for this.) SENT 3x 2x Swarmazon 20x Milkie Don't use same username or password in everywhere. Please read the rules and FAQs after you signed up. Please use them in 24 hours. I'd appreciate that if you leave a feedback once giveaway is completed. Apply here and tag me so I can choose you. First come, first served.
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