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  1. Thank you very much, Vikadan. Request fulfilled. Superb service by Vikadan.
  2. Tracker Name - HD-Torrents Tracker URL - https://hd-torrents.org/ I need an invite for HD-Torrents because only there I can find 2 old remuxes that I'm looking for (those 2 remuxes are like the last pieces of puzzle for me). I only use TorrentLeech, where I have good ratio (I have ratio proof). Can somebody help me with this? I would be extremely grateful. TIA
  3. Of course, when my country plays and the most interesting matches from other groups (maybe 7-8 matches through the whole qualifiers).
  4. Old one: Ben-Hur (1959), history/drama/adventure Newer one: Braveheart (1995), history/drama/action
  5. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson). Disappointing (5/10).
  6. Oldies - Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas Middle - Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson Younger ones - Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy
  7. Movie - Pirates of the Caribbean 1 - The Curse of the Black Pearl Series - Black Sails (of course)
  8. Oldboy, Masquerade (2012)/Great historical drama, My Way (2011)/Great war movie etc.
  9. weights
  10. @fullerbate Hi! I would like to apply if giveaway is still open. Like and REP added. TIA
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