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  1. Demonoid is shit anyway, its about time peoples moved on! Go somewhere better please its not the end of the world!
  2. Hi, I was wondering what do you think will be the next Level 10 Private Tracker like Exigo, HDBits.org etc... I was thinking maybe x264.me or a newbie like Endeavourniche.me. I'm really not sure but they are my suggestions. What do you think? :)
  3. I'm a member of Exigo and Perdro's and What.cd knocks them both into touch in more ways then one! Don't bother with either of them just use What.cd and be happy! :)
  4. I really don't think demonoid is that good anymore, I used to think it was brilliant site but when you start to join others like Torrentleech, IPTorrents and Pretome you understand how crap demonoid really is, especially the speeds its chronic!
  5. Not good! I hope its not dead.
  6. Does anyone know what is going on with FTN is it down or dead? I hope not.
  7. Probably demonoid, if its still open,it was. Oh no its dead by the looks of things!!! :( RIP Demonoid.
  8. I have had alot of people saying about SCC not being there but I have looked at it thorough and it just has not got the content that general's like TL and Pretome and others have. :)
  9. Its always dodgy buying Invites and there is a possibility of being banned straight away but if your lucky you stand a good chance of keeping your account, its a bit of russian roulette.
  10. Hi, I know its like August and I'm a little late with Top 10 list but now is a good time than any, but never mind lets get on with the next Top 10, here it is:- 1st Broadcastthenet (TV/Movies) 2nd x264.me (Movies) 3rd What.cd (Music) 4th Bit-Humen (General) 5th Torrentleech (General) 6th Exigo (Music) 7th Pretome (General) 8th Passthepopcorn (Movies) 9th Feedthe.net (General) 10th AwesomeHD (Movies/TV) Thats it focks, I've had a good hard think since last time and this is what I think are the movers this month. :) I hope you enjoy the Top 10 and please PM me with ideas if you think a Private Tracker should be there that is not, I'm always up for some good suggestions! :) Please rep me and feedback me if this Top 10 helps you In finding what Private Tracker you are looking for and suits you best! :) See you all next time!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)
  11. July's list coming on Wednesday. Awaiting on What.cd Invite for a good doing over, you never know it just might make it in. ;)
  12. never will take off in a miilion years, do not pledge its a con! Just another console flop! :P
  13. Its open for sign up, perverts!!! Get your Hi Def porn, wanking at the ready!!! :) Thats if you can understand russian, I think.
  14. Just been connected to BT Business Infinity. £35.00 per month. 80mb Download 19mb upload Absolute briliance from BT, no P2P shaping and always high speeds at peak times. Cannot complain! :)
  15. OK, there is one for motor sports:- http://www.formulamonkey.com Try that its always open for sign up but no worrys its a good motor sport round up, you should enjoy! :)
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