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  1. @fuckthemall welcome! I've been looking at elearning trackers recently too
  2. In the UK, fans are unable to watch any 3pm games on TV, with a fear they won't choose to watch lower league teams at stadiums otherwise
  3. @nantoula welcome, a man of few words I see
  4. Any fantasy football (soccer) fans out there for the premier league? I find it pretty good fun and makes the matches way more interesting
  5. No - I think the away goal for both teams over 2 legs is fair, what they should remove is the away goal if it goes to extra time after the 2nd leg perhaps
  6. With more and more news of facebook misinformation and unethical promos, should a public agent step in?
  7. @nuisance welcome in to IH, torrents are a life saver when you're a student..actually they are through your whole life
  8. @greatsucces welcome regular guy, wishing you greatsuccess on the forum
  9. Got me thinking how kids in the future are unlikely to even need a drivers license
  10. Doesn't make sense to me that we've refined technology so much to the point our productivity has doubled....and yet we still work the same and our salarys don't reflect that.
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