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  1. @justanotherguy I cannot send you any messages - error message when sending: "justanotherguy cannot receive messages."
  2. @justanotherguy I would like to apply for your PrivateHD invite giveaway. Thank you so much for your kind offer and thanks to this amazing site
  3. @peekaboo Would really love an invite to bitspyder. I have multiple excellent ratio proofs to submit
  4. I think in today's age, it's wise to diversify your income streams - so that one does not solely rely on only one source of income. Starting your own small business comes with a lot of risk, so it would largely depend on the work that is available.
  5. Nintendo's Family Computer - NES ripoff was my first console.
  6. @danielfelix88 Welcome to Invitehawk. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  7. Hey Brenda, welcome to invitehawk! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
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