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  1. invite hawk allows switching themes which do you prefer
  2. 1x milkie invite giveaway web link https://milkie.cc/auth/signin milkie is a ratio less site however for this giveaway you will need proof of seed box rules to enter please read apply mention me on the thread do not pm me. use this thread for communication good lucky and enjoy
  3. @Achelous hd space x1 confirmed giveaway with proof please not this is my 1st giveaway
  4. @Silent Watcher admin can close pm sent and confirmed to user @lol103 next giveaway coming in the next 2 hours please give other a chance to win
  5. any other tips and suggestions dont be shy
  6. Tracker Name - Torrent Day Tracker URL -https://www.torrentday.com/login.php Speed test - seed box good positive ratios Comments - seeding is not a problem
  7. HD space invite x1 pm me with i will send a invite https://hd-space.org/index.php
  8. share how you start the the day torrents face book other stuff weed
  9. Tracker Name - BluTopia Tracker URL - https://blutopia.xyz/login Speedtest - seed box Comments - good ratio on other sites seed box for many years can send proof no problem what ever is needed
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