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  • Redacted / Passtheheadphones.me / PTH – it is a great new music tracker, which recently started to develop rapidly and filled after closing of the famous What.cd tracker. In the near future the majority of former members What.cd will flow gradually to PTH tracker with all torrents database. Recently the tracker has change its URL and now PTH also known like Redacted.ch tracker.
  • REDActed (Aka.PassTheHeadPhones) is one of the well-known music trackers running on Gazelle with extremly high demand among torrenters.
  • Tracker features both lossless and lossy music , beside music it also has a large collection of audio software, music related eBooks, audiobooks, comics and music-related eLearning videos.
  • With a wide selection of music stuffs encoded in variety of formats & well-seeded torrents , make RED really a paradise for MusicLovers.
  • RED arised on Nov.2016 after the closage of the big What.CD and became large and popular very fast.
  • Most of the users have seedboxes so the speeds on the tracker are great !
  • RED staff bans alot so be a good user or you will find yourself out of there very fast.
  • Maintain ratio is hard tends to moderate as :
  • No site-wide freeleech events , but not NEVER (it's just too RARE).
  • No bonus points system is implemented , makes it more harder to get good standings there.

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