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Found 75 results

  1. .::HDCorea | B2S | HD | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION Born2Seed (Aka.HDCorea) is the best Korean high definition movie and TV tracker, has a large number of both English and Korean content. B2S got around 4.5K registered members with App. 19K uploaded torrents (about +3K since last 2017 review) , makes it Not in it's best condition of moving on & room for improvement. Tracker supports English interface. In your user profile you can choose the interface language - English or Korean. Seeding there is not that easy, because the connectivity with the rest (mostly Korean) peers is not so good. Maintain ratio not that hard as : - B2S got freeleech , 50%-leech & double upload counts on many uploaded torrents. - Bonus system is implemented , where you can buy Some Upload GBs to fix up your ratio makes it more easier ! Community is getting worse as users database is too small in compare with other Tv/Movies trackers , makes filling requests more harder & takes long time (Even not to be fulfilled ever). If you're korean , then it's your target to get B2S to check out your beloved stuffs for your personal usage . Other Than that Not worth joining! I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TV SERIES REQUEST UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSSES BONUS POINTS RATINGS
  2. .::HDChina | HDC | HD | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION HDChina is a chinese HD tracker. Site is originally Chinese, but its available in English as well. They have new DIY (Having either Chinese audio or Chinese Subs) discs. Pretime is fine, Speeds are clocked for new internal torrents like they are on other Chinese trackers. Overall, its a good HD tracker. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT SUBTITLE OFFER REQUEST UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATION RATINGS
  3. .::32pages | 32P | Comics | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION, formerly known as ComicBT is a gazelle based tracker that focuses on comic books/graphic novels in cbr and cbz formats. Manga is not allowed unless it is officially translated and published by western publisher. Their collection is huge. They currently have around 39 000 torrents, and many of those are big franchise packs, so the number of actual comic books is far greater. Here you will find almost everything that has been published on english language. There's also quite a few scanlated (fan translated) comics. However, if you're looking for non-english comics that have never been translated to english you might not find them here. For example, italian Bonelli comics is huge publisher in italy and surrounding countries, but almost nothing is on 32p. For those specific cases, your best bet is to check best country-specific general trackers as they tend to have that stuff. Another option is to create request (72% of requests are filled in 32p). Almost everything is very well seeded. 32p is not ratio based tracker. They have inkdrops. 1 inkdrop = 1 megabyte. At the beginning you're given 10 000 inkdrops (iirc). For each downloaded megabyte, 1 inkdrop is removed from your balance. For each uploaded megabyte, 1 inkdrop is added to your balance. Many of the comic book franchise packs are freeleech, which means no inkdrops are removed when you download, but when you upload you get inkdrops. Bonus system is present and is calculated based on how many gigabytes you are seeding, and for how long you have been seeding. Community is very active and passionate about comic books. Almost everyone is very friendly and welcoming on forums and IRC. I am yet to see someone giving away 32p invite either here or on reddit, although invites are not very hard to get when you upgrade your class. That being said, applications for this tracker are open on first day of every month. It will take some days to get a response, but if you're passionate enough and know about comic books, you won't have trouble getting in. STATS LOGIN PAGE HOME SEARCH OPTION BROWSE COLLECTION REQUEST FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES STORE RATINGS
  4. .::GazelleGames | GGn | Games | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION GazelleGames is a gazelle based video game tracker that started back in 2010. It is one of the most popular video game trackers(along with UGC). There are lots of torrents and many of them have good amount of seeders so the speed is great. GGn has a very good looking user interface, and you can find a game's torrents and updates all on the same page, they have freeleech for new torrents for a couple of hours, and forgives hit n runs after a certain amount of seeding. The trick with GGn is to download brand new torrents as during the first 6 hours they're freeleech, with good speed there is enough time to download these torrents and to complete the majority of torrents if you spot them within the first couple of hours, then any upload you gain is a pure bonus. This is an amazing system for members who set-up auto downloads. They have an easy to maintain ratio system that is designed to support new users. It is complimented by a 6 hour freeleech on all new uploads and regular freeleech on staff recommendations and user voted (games of the year) torrents. Upload credit can also be won in the forum games, themed "drawing" competitions and earned by filling upload requests and the IRC idle bonus. They have no plans to open applications in the near future. GGn recruit in official, class-restricted invite forums on other reputable trackers, that would be your best bet unless you know somebody personally who has an account at GGn and who has invites. GGn is also an excellent private tracker, highly recommended. LOGIN STATISTIC HOME ADVANCED SEARCH BROWSE BUNDLES REQUEST SHOP FORUMS RULES WIKI USERCLASSES RATINGS
  5. .::Hyperay | HD | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION Hyperay is a Chinese HD private tracker for all HD content in various formats like BluRay full sources, 1080p and 720p encodes.hyperay is more active especially their internal encodes that now have good number of peers so you can have good speeds while downloading and keep good ratio also they have good pre-times now. Content and members database is not that big like other Chinese trackers. They have some internal teams like for BluRay disks , They allow other encodes either Scene or P2P from other Chinese and non Chinese trackers. No hit and run system applied only you have to keep good general ratio which is easy job . thanks to big number fo free to leech torrents and good bonus points system. is a good and growing Chinese tracker that you can be invited to easily when they enable invites or you can join when they open free sign up. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE INTERNAL RELEASE REQUEST SUBTITLE FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES BONUS POINTS RATINGS
  6. | Image Board | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION is an image board focuses it's community activity to NSFW and explicit images and it's discussions mainly. has very active community and it's an awesome place for like-minders yet it can't be considered as perfect board. There are many image broads that offers much active community like 4Chan, fffound, 7chan, reddit, tumblr etc. HOME HALL OF FAME YEARBOOK AUDIO UPLOAD RULES IMAGE PAGES CONCLUSION At the end is recommended forum for image sharing and community hikes. But there are more out there. So if you can't find it's invite than I'll advice don't bother either. Thank you.
  7. | XM | General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION A private tracker created for open minded people and members of the LGBTQ community to share content and knowledge. Regularly open for signups otherwise an invite is needed during their closed periods. On the homepage you can find site news, a shoutbox named the "Espresso Bar", recently uploaded torrents and online members. News is outdated with the last post being made back in 2016, the shoutbox is actively used daily and uploads are regular/daily. A bonus to this site is uploading is available to ALL members with the exception you read and understand the rules and banned content. Uploading banned content runs the risk of a warning and ban for repeat offenders! Content varies on XM, there is a wide variety of categories to search but many are either limited content wise or completely empty. It's recommended to thoroughly read the torrent information prior to downloading as not all is offered as an English version. XM offers the following categories: * Animation * Books * Comics & Manga * Fetish * Games * Hardcore * Images * Magazines * Movies * Softcore * Subtitles * XXX Movies XM is easy to seed and maintain a ratio, in exchange for seeding you will receive seed bonus points. Members will receive 0.125 points per 15 minutes for seeding or 0.5 points per hour. Exchange incentives are kind of boring compared to other sites but will benefit those who are struggling to meet the ratio requirements. Points can be exchanged for: * 1.0GB Upload Credit (50 Bonus Points) * 2.4GB Upload Credit (100 Bonus Points) * 9.0GB Upload Credit (300 Bonus Points) * 1 Invitation (100 Bonus Points) Ratio/Seeding Requirements: * 10 GB : 0.30 : 7 days * 25 GB : 0.35 : 14 days * 50 GB : 0.40 : 21 days * 100 GB : 0.45 : 28 days * 250 GB : 0.50 : 35 days ** Failure to comply with the ratio/seeding requirements will result in class demotion and a possible download ban ** LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE UPLOAD FORUMS RULES RATINGS
  8. | HDME | HD General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION HD/General private tracker - anime, apps, AVCHD, Bluray etc. Signups are open regularly. Internal encoders include HDME, INtL, iCandy, FourGHD, RUXi with a total of 9,640 encodes. Wide variety of categories to choose from in 720p or 1080p (movies and TV series). Use of IRC channel only - no shoutbox. Requests don't seem to be filled here and forums seem quiet. Easy to seed, descent goodies to spend your seedbonus points on and cheap donation options (bitcoin, ETH, BCH, LTC & XPR) with reasonable rewards as a thank you. LOGIN PAGE HOME CATEGORY BROWSE INTERNAL RELEASE UPLOAD SUBTITLE REQUEST FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATION STATS RATINGS
  9. .::TorrenTech | TTH | Music | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION TorrenTech (TTH) is private music tracker specialized in electronic music (DnB/Techno). Tracker got around +61K uploaded torrents (+3K more than 2017 review) which shows that tracker is active related to it's special category! Uploaded torrents quality is good , most of them are FLAC releases along with MP3/320s. TorrenTech now is 12 years old electronic music torrent tracker, a forum, bittorrent tracker and radio focused only on quality electronic music. Maintaining ratio is hard as they don't have Freeleech torrents , also no bonus points store like other big music trackers where you can help yourself with some extra GBs to your upload count. They have a very cool online radio that you can check even if you are not a user, awesome and cool community, plus a wide selection of electronic music. If you're really an Electronic music addict , then TTH should be your ultimate target! I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots. STATS Community/Forum TORRENTS REQUEST RULES FAQS NetLabel Rules RATIO SYSTEM DONATION PAGE RATINGS
  10. .::TenYardTorrents (TYT) | SPORTS | 2018 Review ::. DESCRIPTION TenYardTorrents is a ratio-based tracker specializing in American football torrents. Most games are uploaded in 720p. NFL Films and TV shows will usually have a 1080p version uploaded as well. NFL, UFL, CFL, Any FL you can think of, along with NCAA, High School and even International Leagues. If it has touchdowns we have it! Tracker Features: -Minimum ratio: 0.300 -Currently no freeleech, bonus or invite system -Fast uploads -Forum to request reseeds LOGIN STATS HOME CATEGORY BROWSE FORUMS RULES DONATION RATINGS
  11. .::LearnBits | LB | E-Learning | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION LearnBits (LB) is a private torrent tracker for E-learning stuffs like IT, Networking, Business, Medical, Web Design & many others . Being rebuilt as a new home for ScienceHD refugees and content. The site is currently TBDev based but a new Gazelle build is in progress to make this the next go-to site for documentary content. Tracker is up since 2008 , got around 9K registered users with App. 7K torrents which makes it not the Highest one regarding E-learning trackers around. Maintain ratio is easy as : - Some freeleech torrents are being picked & stuck by staffs. - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count. You are expected to seed a minimum of 72 hours no matter how quickly you are able to download the data. I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots. LOGIN HOME STATS CATEGORY BROWSE UPLOAD REQUEST FORUMS BONUS POINTS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES RATINGS
  12. .::Exigomusic| Exigo| Lossless Music | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION Exigo is a lossless audio tracker, with most files being in FLAC format. Quality of torrents is high, and the selection is great in this hard-to-get-into tracker. If you’re into old or classical music, chances are that you will definitely find whatever record you’re looking for. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE REQUEST FORUM RULES FAQ USERCLASSES STATS RATINGS
  13. .::intotheinter | Soitgoes | GENERAL | 2018 REVIEW::. DESCRIPTION Soitgoes welcome back again with new domain address.Anything done purposely to upset the community, whether here or somewhere else, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Basically, if you go out of your way to be as much of a prick as you can to this site, its users, the links, and/or anything else here, with zero redemptive qualities, the community rule may be invoked. This is not the anarchy rule; the staff will have the final say in all punishments. LOGIN HOME UPLOAD LINK REQUEST TV FORUMS SHOP RULES FAQ STATS RATINGS NO RATINGS AT THE MOMENT FOR SITE JUST COME BACK.
  14. .::Resurrect the Net | RTN | GENERAL | 2018 REVIEW::. DESCRIPTION Resurrect the Net is private torrent tracker ,they've Users: 6278 ,torrents: 33377 ,seeds: 55266, leechers: 873,peers: 56139,seeds/leechers: 6,331%. Traffic: 19.72 PB STATS HOME BROWSE REQUEST FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES BONUS POINTS RATINGS
  15. .::PotUK | PUK | General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION PotUK is a good private general tracker from the UK , got good collection of movies, application, music , etc.. Mainly it's a community (forum) which also is running a tracker for leeching/seeding torrents , based & developed on vBulletin. Can't check exactly how many registered users , but they got App. 11K uploaded torrents which isn't a great number for a general tracker ! Tracker got seedbonus system where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count by exchanging points. Beside seeding, member get points over their activities done in community. PotUK got an interesting stuff called " Conquest " which is actually a war for members of your nation to conquer the other nations . Select your nation & create your village ( a guide is shown in PICs) I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots. LOGIN PotUK-Index STATS CATEGORY BROWSE BONUS POINT FAQ Conquest System Conquest System Guide Ratings
  16. .::CHDBits | CHD | HD | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION CHDBits is one of the first trackers to upload the most anticipated movies, most of the Bluray premieres are uploaded here first among the most popular and good trackers out there, then they arrive to the rest of the trackers. It is one of the best trackers for HD content, it is a tracker that you must have if you like quality. Personally I love CHD, it has excellent pretimes, and it does not matter if a torrent has few seeders because almost all use seedboxes or have very good speed, so almost all torrents have very good speed, even the speed of torrents with less seeders are tolerable. The most anticipated torrents or movies reach 2000 downloads. It is very easy to have good ratio here, but it is very difficult to join. Like all Chinese trackers, they have freeleech, 50% discount and bonus system. CHDBits has something special apart from all this. Unlike other Chinese trackers, they asks to comply with certain bonus points to up userclass. It takes months to upgrade userclass, depending on the range it takes to take half a year or more. Also every so often they do an exam to drain the users who do not use their accounts, CHD has few almost half of its user limit but those who are inside are people with good speed and seed torrents. In CHD if you use seedbox you have these rules: Chiefly, I recommend CHDBits for its quality and content, it is an active tracker and it is definitely worth being a member of it. There are trackers that have more Total Size of Torrents but this is compensated with its quality, rare collection and exclusive torrents that are only here. LOGIN STATS CATEGORY BROWSE TV SERIES MOVIES 4K UHD TORRENTS FORUMS BROWSE/UPLOAD SUBTITLE RULES FAQ BONUS POINTS RATINGS
  17. .::PsyTorrents | PsyT | Music | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION PsyTorrents (PsyT) is a small private music tracker based on Gazelle code , specialized in psychodelic Trance and Goa. A huge drop in their user-database (in comparing with last 2017 review) as they only got 550 Enabled users (2.5K in 2017) which reveals that the tracker isn't that active at all . Also , got App. 12.9K uploaded torrents (with 12.5K in 2017) which is really a small number of newly uploaded torrents in compare with other big music trackers. Maintaining good ratio is getting hard as : - No bonus points system there where you can exchange points for upload count. - Freeleech uploaded torrents are not much like before. - Rate of uploaded torrents per day isn't good , makes the tracker more In-active Their IRC is somehow active , but not so much in forums which tends to a dead place! I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots . LOGIN STATS HOME BROWSE COLLAGES FORUMS RULES WIKI USERCLASSES RATINGS
  18. .::IndieTorrents | IT | Music | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION IndieTorrents (IT) is a private Music tracker for independent music only with lots of hard to find music stuffs. They got around 5.5K registered members with App. 10.6K uploaded torrents . That small difference between the No. of uploaded torrents in last 2017 review & this new 2018 review , makes it NOT the best target for a music fan ! IT community isn't active & they got many dead torrents due to lack of leechers/seeders as per their small user-database. Maintain ratio there isn't easy , as : - NO bonus points system. - Lack of seeders/leechers , makes snatching torrents with seedbox not a good idea. - You must upload your own stuffs to survive as most of music trackers. Invites are usually handed out in their IRC channel if you joined there , but Dun know if it's still active like OLD days.. (excluding being a PU or VIP rank there). If you're a music Maniac ! then IT won't satisfy your needs , try out other better / more active alternatives (e.g : Apollo).. Hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots STATS LOGIN HOME BROWSE REQUEST UPLOAD TOP 10 FORUMS RULES WIKI USERCLASSES RATINGS
  19. .::TehConnection | TEH | Movies | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION Return of Teh! that's the word spread out in torrenting area. The Well-known private movies tracker (TehConnection) came up again with a new domain & with diff. staff/Sysop! Tracker interface differs from the old one (i dun like it) , Just with a few registered members & still few uploads are up / tracker is going up fast. A newly registered member shall get 50GB upload count which will make it more easier to get good standings there with some snatches/using bonus. From their category tags , Teh got 100% freeleech & double upload count torrents but still they didn't make it active as they're re-building from the zeros. Seedboxes are not required to easily keep good stats at TehConnection Reborn , as they prefer long term archivist seeders. Bonus point system is implemented exactly like old one , but with some difference in amount needed to buy invites / extra GBs to your upload count. I hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots. LOGIN HOME Advanced Search BROWSE COLLAGES REQUEST UPLOAD TOP 10 FORUMS RULES WIKI USERCLASSES STATS RATINGS No ratings for now , shall wait for more tracker progress!
  20. .::MusicVids | MV | Music-Videos | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION If you're searching for a private tracker specialized in all kind of videos: dvdrips, web, youtube, masters, blurays etc for all Music genres , Then MusicVids is your place! tracker has good content & speeds . Maintaining ratio there is not easy as torrents have 2/3 leechers/seeders , so a seedbox there is a MUST to snatch newly uploaded torrents & keep it seeding as long as possible. but being not so hard , coz some torrents being released are freeleech [ Only upload count! ] , that helps to make good standings there. Active community , also not so many dead torrents. so you can jump into old torrents without being worried. It's a TBDEV based tracker , Invites only go out to VIPs or above not so many around [BeAware, they Ban ALOT! , so takecare. ] STATS LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE REQUEST UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USER-CLASSES RATINGS
  21. .::MySpleen | MS | TV (Cartoons/Series)| 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION MySpleen is a tracker dedicated to old cartoons / comedy and action movies and series such as: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Star Wars, Johnny Bravo, The Dexter Lab, Hey Arnold! and many more. It is a good tracker with a lot of difficult to find content, it has almost any series you are looking for, most of the torrents are rips (encodes) but they also have many DVD5, DVD9 (approximately 500) and many Full BDs. It is a bit difficult to maintain the ratio at the beginning, since there is no option to search only the freeleech torrents and you have to search for them one by one. Although it is easy to maintain the ratio by leaving MANY torrents seeding. LOGIN HOME BROWSE UPLOAD RESEED TOP10 FORUMS FAQ STATS RATINGS
  22. .::Greek-Team | GT | General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION Greek-Team(GT) is the most famous and the best greek private tracker consequently there are thousand members and thousand torrents. You can find many Greek and foreign movies, TV series, documentaries, music and also ebooks. You will see many freeleech torrents from their Internal groups to help you make a good ratio. Invites are open only for VIP and above but some times they open them for lower ranks too. Speeds are great nowadays with seedboxes support. Community is very helpful and whatever you want they can give you help by chat-box and forum. Also in the tracker there are the below teams: GrLTv, GLM, MyToG, GTRD, GTtvSD, GTActive LOGIN CATEGORY BROWSE REQUEST UPLOAD FORUMS FAQ RULES RATINGS
  23. .::IPTorrents | IPT | General | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION IPTorrents is THE best General Tracker out there, PERIOD. Whether this is pre-times, content, speed, retention periods or even the community, there is no competition among the other general trackers out there. On IPTorrents users can find anything TV Shows/Movies/Music/XXX/Games/0Day The massive userbase along with many seedboxes guarantees very fast speeds. But don't let this scare you. Ratio building is easy, not only because of the big swarm, but also because they have many FreeLeech torrents which along with the Bonus Points can help achieve a decent ratio. Ratio rules are as follows: Every user has an obligation to keep his ratio any time above .96. Once your ratio is below .96 you will receive a warning from the system. Once your ratio is greater than .95 the warning will be automatically removed by the system. If your ratio falls below 0.2 your account will be frozen from downloading and only seeding or donation will remove this lock. Invites are handed periodically to Power Users and up. 1-3 invites are given. As a personal suggestion, IPTorrents is a MUST HAVE tracker for everyone. HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT TOP 10 MOVIES TV REQUEST FORUMS RULES FAQ BONUS POINT DONATION USERCLASSES RATINGS
  24. .::Empornium | EMP | Porn | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION After the closage of Hey.fuxor (RIP) , Members were struggling to find a new-shelter to satisfy their horny needs (F*ck about what i'm saying) Empornium (EMP) was in the shadows , until becoming the best porn-tracker nowadays with App. 100K registered members which is a great database for sure. They got great content with about 335K upload torrents including single torrents / Packs / Monthly site-rips / etc.. Tracker speeds are so good with seedboxes, got nice content shall satisfy your needs for sure. EMP Community is active & strong as they got App. 100K registered members as we said above , Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled as fast as possible. Maintaining ration on EMP is not hard at all , as : - They got Bonus points system implemented , where you can buy extra GBs away from your download stats , buy freeleech/DoubleSeed slots. - They usually run several contests where a certain genre(s) needs to be uploaded & you'll be granted with credits. - Uploaded torrents > 30GB are Freeleech , so you can snatch them with your seedbox once uploaded & go ! Another great thing that EMP offers are medals and awards as a reward for community participation. You can receive medals for everything from uploading, seeding, downloading, filling requests, making presentations for your uploads, etc.. Many torrents are being uploaded every day. New HD movies and vids plus many packs of specific sites and performers makes it really a paradise for a porn lover xD! Invites aren't easy to come by , you need to upload some stuffs in order to be promoted to higher ranks , makes it a most-wanted! Simply , one of the best Porn-trackers around (if it's not the first!) . if you download porn , then EMP must be your Ultimate target.. Hope you'll like my review guys , leaving you with screenshots. LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT REQUEST COLLAGES FORUMS RULES FAQ USERCLASSES BONUS POINTS RATINGS
  25. | MT | Mac Only | 2018 Review::. DESCRIPTION MT is almost 3 years old tracker, as its name obviously says the tracker is about Mac and everything connected to macs, (Games, Apps...), The Tracker has max 15000 user database with 12,712 enabled one, it has 5,570 torrents, so its considered small database with some difficulties in maintaining ratio due to its lack of users, any way the tracker gives you 10 tokens on signup that you can use to freeleech any 10 torrents, and finally in my opinion this tracker doesn't deserve that headache that it can cause as its easily replaceable with any general tracker. LOGIN HOME CATEGORY BROWSE TORRENT REQUEST FORUMS UPLOAD TOP 10 RULES USERCLASSES BONUSPOINTS STATS RATINGS