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  1. 2x theleachzone invite giveaway The Leach Zone | TLZ | General | 2021 Review Application Rules : 1. Like & REP me! 2. Apply here, by mentioning @filthymuck do not PM me! 3. Do not apply if you have or already had an account there. 4. Apply only if you'll use your account with care.
  2. New to Private Torrents? Barely have enough to trade for something? Unable to get any help? Contact me and we will work something out If you need any of the sites from the list, contact me with what you have to offer and I will try my best to help you out even if its not an equal trade. Regards, Ethan!
  3. I have these trackers: TorrentLeech, FileList, HD-Torrents, TorrentBD, HD-Space, PTN, BitSexy, Skyey Snow. Other trackers: PTFiles, Milkie, SpeedApp, DigitalCore, Girotorrent, HappyFappy, HDVideo, HellTorrents. I would like to get invite from one of these trackers: IPTorrents, PrivateHD, Animebytes or make a offer. Don't hesitate make an offer or ask any question. Thanks.
  4. No need ratio proof It's free invite, anyway it will be great if you invite me to other trackers or donate some BP to encourage me Click Like, Do Reply Leave a feedback if you receive invite Winner: Note: Invite signup closed ATM Sorry The current user account limit (25,000) has been reached. Inactive accounts are pruned all the time, please check back again later...
  5. Bitspyder Review Like and Rep this post. Apply here and don't forgot to mention me @VirtualMachine Only apply if you really need it and going to use it (no sellers / traders) Please leave +1 Feedback I will choose winners and send them PM, i will also place the winners here Invite Left 0 Winners @drevil @puzzledthrilled @tylerjo
  6. oldtoons.world invite: 1/1 - like - apply here by posting and mention me in the post - give feedback after getting invite
  7. Tracker Name - IPTorrents Tracker URL - http://iptorrents.com/ Speedtest - https://www.speedtest.net/result/14304740089 Comments - I would really appreciate an invite to IPTorrents. I have been looking to join this tracker several months, if you have an invite then please help me to join this tracker... Thank you.
  8. 1 filelist invite available. Mention me in a comment if you want it and if you win it, leave a rep point.
  9. 2x Bitspider invite available to giveaway How to apply ? Like the post Reply by mentioning me. Tell the Reasons for applying. Rules: Must be an active/regular member May ask for proofs. Don’t PM me. I’ll mention or PM you.
  10. I am giving away one ExoticaZ invite. Please do not enter if you plan on selling or trading this invite, as I can be penalized for your conduct. Thanks! Please respond to this post in order to enter the giveaway
  11. Selling 1 Kleverig.eu account for 25 USD. I accept PayPal, Revolut & Crypto. 30 Days money back guarantee according to invitehawk rules. /breakneck
  12. Ratio proof is not mandatory only requirement is to be respectful member of the tracker and don't misuse the account. Add like and reply It would be nice if you could leave positive feedback after the giveaway. Good luck Edit: Giveaway completed the Winner is @maulgoose12
  13. Tracker name: bitGAMER Invites: 1 How to apply? - Post a reply and wait - Must be active user - Reasons for applying I’ll give it to one lucky person. I may ask for the ratio proof. Give feedback after you get registered.
  14. Like & Reply to this thread to apply to the giveaway. If you win, please consider leaving feedback. Good Luck! Winners: @Hotspot & @Flugsvamp
  15. Tracker Name - Cinemageddon Tracker URL - https://cinemageddon.net/ Speedtest - https://imgur.com/LkbdKU4 Comments - Cinemageddon has all the kinds of content I'm looking for and I'd love to be able to get inside, all the research i've done shows that the only way in is through an invite and I would love to recieve one. fulfilled by @noob49
  16. No need ratio proof It's free invite, anyway it will be great if you invite me to other trackers that you have Click Like, Do Reply Feedback after you receive invite Winners: @mmd, @abuaabd, @duplodocus
  17. 1 Torrent Leech invite. Please like the post and comment if you want it.
  18. You can now earn additional Bonus Points by contributing to any of the following topics. I will send 500-2000 Bonus Points per every tracker that gets added/updated & I will send an additional 5000-25000 Bonus Points for the top contributors every month. If you have any contributions to make, comment on the topics directly. Feel free to PM me if you have any queries. Private Trackers - Discord Channels Private Trackers - Signup Schedule | Open, Application and IRC Signups Private Trackers - Sister Sites Private Trackers - VPN Usage Direct Download (DDL) Sites - List and Signup Information (ᴠ1) List of Trackers by Minimum Seeding Requirement Private Trackers [Foreign/International] - Sorted By Country Public Trackers - List and Signup Information Ratioless Torrent-Sites | HnR & Seeding Requirements Trackers Inactivity Reminder Trackers that offer IRC and 2FA Bonus Members can also suggest Content/Design improvements (here or in PM) to improve the topics. All approved changes/modifications will get a minimum of 5000 BP each. If any members are unsure how to contribute to the topics or search for trackers, please PM me. I may be able to help with the sources. We now have a new section for Tracker Guides & Important Information, all at once place. If you want us to make any other helpful topics, let us know.
  19. SOLD OUT / OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW DrunkenSlug account: 35 EUR. Account registered through open registration. Never invited anyone before. So it’s a pure acc. Unlimited API Hits through this year + then some.The account holds 4 invites DOGnzb account: 35 EUR Account registered through open registration. Never invited anyone before. So it’s a pure acc. Account holds 2 invites. Still got an active VIP through this year + then some. Avistaz.to, Cinemaz.to & Jpopsuki.eu accounts sold together: 50 EUR (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY, FOR SAFETY REASONS) the Avistaz acc is more than 6TB buffered. It holds 1 invite. The account is pure. Signed up during open registrations years ago. The Cinemaz acc is more than 1 TB buffered. It holds 2 invites. The account is pure. The Jpopsuki acc is more than 300 GB buffered. it holds 2 invites. The account is pure. I’m willing to sell these 5 accounts together for 100 EUR! I prefer payment in crypto. But if it’s to difficult for the buyer then I will accept PayPal. Btw, “Pure” account means the account has no history of trading/buying/selling. In this case, the accounts where made during open signup years ago. /breakneck SOLD OUT / OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW
  20. I can give invites to: 0 x iptorrents 0 x learnflakes-SchwacherHeld, Buun 1 x hdmonkey 0 x sdbits-SpicyDicey 0 x 3dtorrents 0 x bemaniso-illola 1 x ptfiles 0 x retrowithin-banglabhai420 0 x bitgamer 0 x bithumen-Game0N Apply here and don't send me pm, give like, mention me, give me feedback after you will get the invite.
  21. Can sell my last emp invite for 150$ in btc
  22. - Apply here - No Newbies / Sellers / Traders - Tell me why you need the tracker. - I will send invites only if I get good applicants
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