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Found 8 results

  1. [HAVE] TorrentDay TorrentLeech PornBits [WANT] (In order most wanted) Xthor Blady (Sinderella) WorldInHD GazelleGames BroadcasTheNet PassThePopcorn REDActed FileList AlphaRatio AudioNews Offers I have a GBit fiber connection and 10TB storage, will provide proof on demand, just PM
  2. Rules: 1 . Click on Like this post 2 . Reply this post for apply, don't forget to mention @RIPgriggs 3 . Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite
  3. TorrentDay | TD | General | 2018 Review Tracker Name - Tracker Genre - General Tracker Type - Ratio Based Bonus System- Yes Seed Difficulty - Easy Tracker Signup - Invite Only Banned Countries - None Tracker Irc - port 6667 or +6697 for SSL Channel: #td.announce Channel: #td.announce2 for UK peeps Tracker Description In the grand scheme of things torrentday is a pretty great general tracker to be a member of. They have very good pretimes and a great variety of movies, tv, software, audio, and even lossless audio if you are interested in things like FLAC audio. They added the x265 category about a year ago now and have started to release 4k torrents now. My experience on this site has been wonderful considering this is one of the first sites I visit each day just to see what's new out. Their download speeds are great and normally their torrents are well seeded unless it's something that's really old. This site has been around for a number of years and one of the most popular sites to join. It's a great site for building ratio because they have a lot of freeleech torrents available. The community is very active and helpful. This site is an invite only site but it shouldn't be too hard to get an invite because there are a bunch of members. The last time I checked the site had about 13,737 active users. I noticed the site has a jokes section where you can submit your jokes and you will either get a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Like I said earlier this site has something for everyone. I believe this site is great for people that are experience with torrents and nice for beginners also. ]___****HOME****___[ ]___****CATEGORY****___[ ]___****BROWSE****___[ ]___****MOVIE SECTION****___[ ]___****TV SECTION****___[ ]___****REQUEST****___[ ]___****UPLOAD****___[ ]___****TOP 15****___[ ]___****FORUM****___[ ]___****RULES****___[ ]___****SITE FAQ****___[ ]___****BONUS****___[ ]___****DONATION****___[ ]___****RATINGS****___[
  4. I have invites of-- 2 X IPTorrents 2 X TorrentDay apply here.... NO *PM*
  5. ★★★ Cheapest Prices ★★★ In Stock now: 5x SCC (SCC is The Best Tracker For 0DAY/Scene Pretimes In My Opinion. You Can Find 0DAY/Scene Releases There) 3x IPTorrents (IPTorrents (IPT) is one of the Oldest 'n Popular Private Tracker For General & 0-day Content.) 2x TorrentDay (TD is one of the most biggest general tracker I know, after IPT that haves a lot of members,torrents and peers ! This trackers you must have for feeding your general stuff.) LIMITED STOCKS !!! HURRYUP!! PS: Staff Please contact me for PROOF! ★★★ Cheapest Prices ★★★ Skype: e.alromaithi Post here or contact me on skype!
  6. GA of 2 x TorrentDay invites Apply Below Add Like + Rep / Feedback after receiving Keep proofs for good ratio ready with application
  7. Tracker Name : torrentday Why Do You Need It : my friend needs it, if i cant find, i will need to buy him one :( Ratio Proof Of Your Best Tracker [Minimum - 1] : ratio near 1.10-1.20 SpeedTest : 10mbit Thanks. Good day.
  8. 2/2 TorrentVault 4/4 SceneBits - User limit reached at the moment 2/2 TorrentLeech 1/1 TorrentDay 3/3 IPTorrents Simple Requirements: 2x Ratio proofs 2x Speed Test or Seedbox proof - Don't post any proof here, send me in private! - Don't forget to press Like & Rep! - Give me Feedback after you receive the invite please!