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  1. ➡ ʙᴀɴɢʟᴀᴅᴇsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴄʜɪɴᴇsᴇ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɪɴᴅɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɪᴛᴀʟɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ғʀᴇɴᴄʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ɢᴇʀᴍᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ʜᴜɴɢᴀʀɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴘᴏʟɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ sᴄᴀɴᴅɪɴᴀᴠɪᴀɴ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ sᴘᴀɴɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs ➡ ᴛᴜʀᴋɪsʜ ᴛʀᴀᴄᴋᴇʀs (Last Updated On: September 19, 2021)
  2. ⊙ Tracker Name: Aither VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: AnimeBytes VPN use allowed. If you would like to use a VPN for browsing get it approved via Staff PM beforehand. Only VPNs with unshared AND static IP will be considered. ⊙ Tracker Name: AvistaZ / CinemaZ / ExoticaZ / PrivateHD VPN use allowed after adding the IP in profile. ⊙ Tracker Name: Backups VPN use allowed. Signing up from VPN is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: BakaBT VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Bemaniso VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Bit-HDTV VIP usage is allowed, but you must contact staff to register the provider and/or IPs. ⊙ Tracker Name: BitSpyder VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Cathode-Ray Tube VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: CGPeers VPN use allowed with the torrent client, but forum would not load when VPN is on ⊙ Tracker Name: CinemaMovieS_ZT VPN use allowed after adding the IP in profile. ⊙ Tracker Name: Desireleasers VPN use allowed. If you use desireleasers account from more than 3 and or devices/locations, you will get automatically banned. ⊙ Tracker Name: Desitorrents VPN use allowed. Accessing the site from any IP address is permitted, but your account will be linked with other accounts that have accessed the site from the same IP. ⊙ Tracker Name: DicMusic Usage of Paid VPN is allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: DigitalCore VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: FunFile VPN not allowed. The only exception to this, is if you can demonstrate that you run or control the VPN/proxy server you wish to use. ⊙ Tracker Name: GFXPeers VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Great Poster Wall Usage of Paid VPN is allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: HD-Atmos VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: HDArea VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: HQMusic VPN use allowed. Only Private VPNs with a dedicated IP are permitted. When in doubt, send a Staff PM. ⊙ Tracker Name: ImmortalSeed VPN use allowed. Only Private VPNs with a dedicated IP are permitted after adding IP in the User CP. ⊙ Tracker Name: IPTorrents VPN use allowed. We ask one thing when using a VPN or proxy, set it to one location and check on it often. ⊙ Tracker Name: iTS VPN use allowed after clearing with the staff through Staff PM. TOR is prohibited. ⊙ Tracker Name: JPTV.club VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: LearnBits VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: LearnFlakes VPN not allowed. Never Login from Public VPN or hosting server, TOR Proxy or any anonymous system. ⊙ Tracker Name: LinkoManija VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: Materialize VPN not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: MMA Tracker VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: My Anonamouse VPN use allowed. You will need to inform staff the IP address of the VPN/Proxy, so they can note on your account. ⊙ Tracker Name: Oppaitime VPN is not recommended as the account will be linked with other accounts accessed the site from the same IP. ⊙ Tracker Name: Ourbits VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: P2Pelite / ScenePalace/ TheHorrorCharnel / TwilightsDreams / TwilightsZoom VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PolishSource VPN not allowed. Logging to your account through a VPN will result in immediate ban. ⊙ Tracker Name: PolishTracker VPN use allowed, but TOR is not allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PTFiles VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: PTHome VPN use allowed, but need to inform the staff in the forums. ⊙ Tracker Name: Speed.CD VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TeamHD VPN use allowed. New users are allowed to use VPN only after the first 24 hours. ⊙ Tracker Name: Team-OS VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TheEmpire / TheGeeks / TheOccult / ThePlace / TheShow / TheVault VPN use not allowed. Using a VPN will get your account disabled unless you have Admin permission. ⊙ Tracker Name: TheScenePlace VPN use allowed. ⊙ Tracker Name: TorrentLeech VPN use allowed. Be aware that your VPN is probably shared by a lot of members on the site. A consequence could be that in some cases your account might be disabled because we believe you are either someone else, sharing your account or doing other iffy stuff. Be aware of that risk before you start using a VPN. ⊙ Tracker Name: TorrentDay VPN use allowed. (Last Updated On: February 23, 2022)
  3. (Last Updated : 25-06-2021) Please comment the details in the plain text format (No Screenshots, please), so it will be easy to add to the list. Tracker Name: 3DTorrents Tracker Name: ABtorrents Tracker Name: AlphaRatio Tracker Name: Aither Tracker Name: Anasch.cc Tracker Name: AnimeBytes Tracker Name: Anthelion Tracker Name: Aussierul.es Tracker Name: AvistaZ Tracker Name: Back-ups Tracker Name: BaconBits Tracker Name: Bemaniso Tracker Name: BitHDTV Tracker Name: Blutopia Tracker Name: Brasil Tracker Tracker Name: BWTorrent Tracker Name: CinemaGeddon Tracker Name: CinemaTik Tracker Name: CinemaZ Tracker Name: CrazyHd Tracker Name: DigitalCore Tracker Name: Emporium Tracker Name: eStone Tracker Name: Exitorrent Tracker Name: Extreme Bits Tracker Name: FileList Tracker Name: FluxZone Tracker Name: Funky Torrents Tracker Name: HD-Atmos Tracker Name: HDBits Tracker Name: HDMonkey Tracker Name: HD-Olympus Tracker Name: HD-Space Tracker Name: HDZone Tracker Name: LinkoManija Tracker Name: IPTorrents Tracker Name: M-Team Tracker Name: MyAnonamouse Tracker Name: nCore Tracker Name: Nebulance Tracker Name: NorBits Tracker Name: Oppaitime Tracker Name: Orpheus Tracker Name: PterClub Tracker Name: PTN Tracker Name: PTP Tracker Name: PixelCove Tracker Name: PolishSource Tracker Name: Polish Tracker Tracker Name: Pretome Tracker Name: PrivateHD Tracker Name: PTFiles Tracker Name: Resurrectthe.net Tracker Name: SecretCinema Tracker Name: SpeedApp Tracker Name: Speed.cd Tracker Name: Sportscult Tracker Name: TeamHD Tracker Name: TheShinning Tracker Name: TLZ (The Leach Zone) Tracker Name: TorrentDay Tracker Name: TorrentLeech Tracker Name: TorrentSeed Tracker Name: TV-Vault xThor Thanks for your support @Achelous & @kardashian09.
  4. ➥ Tracker Name: 420Project We've zero'ed everybody's downloaded amounts and no longer track that shit. Only upload amounts are kept from here until forever. But, remember to seed as best you can or we will take your stash. ➥ Tracker Name: BitHUmen Hit & Run history is included in the user profile for informational purposes only. It disappears automatically after 24 hours of seed time. There are no penalties for torrents deleted before the 24 hour deadline. ➥ Tracker Name: BroadcasThe.Net We require that you seed torrents to at least the minimum time requirements for that torrent type (24 hours for individual episodes & 120 hours for the season packs) OR to a ratio of 1:1, within 2 weeks of starting the download. ➥ Tracker Name: Carpathians With each download started, more than 1 byte will record 1 hit & run point. If a torrent you downloaded no more than 28 days ago is deleted for any reason, your hit & run point (if any) will be credited. If, for any reason, the torrent is deleted within 24 hours of uploading, the points entered will be deducted. Redeem points: 1. By redistributing the downloaded quantity 1: 1. 2. With time in Seed: 150MB under 48 hours, 500MB under 15 hours, 1.5GB under 18 hours, 5GB under 21 hours, 5GB over 24 hours 3. Uploading a regular torrent (minimum size 25MB), there is no size limit for uploading a book category! 4. For every 10GB upload, if you have a hit & run point, one will be credited. If not, nothing happens, the score does not go down! ➥ Tracker Name: CGPeers Only Upload is counted in this tracker. ➥ Tracker Name: DataScene If you download a torrent of 1 GB and you will seed it 5 days (120 hours), you will receive a bonus of 1 GB (or the amount of the torrent downloaded). If you will seed 10 days (240 hours) you will get 2 x 1 GB (or 2 times the amount of the torrent downloaded). ➥ Tracker Name: ExigoMusic Exigo is a ratio-free tracker. All torrents are marked free and no download statistics are being counted. That means if you are a new user, you will never have any ratio whatsoever. However, note that not requiring any ratio does not mean good behaviour is not required and expected. If you download from the initial seeder, please stay with them. Hitting and running is definitely frowned upon! Please be considerate, frequent hit-and-rin abusers will be dealt with by the staff (and we don't like banning people, so people avoid it!) ➥ Tracker Name: FunkyTorrents Always Freeleech. ➥ Tracker Name: GigaTorrents The maximum duration of the seed obligation is 2 days! The seed obligation is valid from 1 byte download and works with a percentage system! So if you downloaded 10 Megas from 100 Megas Torrent then your Seed Time is 10%! You have 4 weeks to meet your Seed obligation. So 48 hours of seed time must be achieved in 4 weeks! Seed obligation measurement is only valid for active torrents! So the client has to go otherwise it remains a seed-bound torrent! Once downloaded, you must seed your torrent for 1 hour! All users can access the list of torrents under the seed obligation by clicking [Seed obligation] next to [logout] in the status bar. Violation of these rules will result in a warning or loss of download rights. ➥ Tracker Name: iNSANE For each torrent , a redistribution ratio of 1 OR 24 hours of seed time OR a proportional combination of these (eg 0.5 redistribution ratio with 12 hours seed time, or 0.33 redistribution rate with 16 hours seed time, etc.) is the expectation. There are 2 weeks from the download to complete! ➥ Tracker Name: inTheShadow Always try to give back what you took. Seed every torrent to at least 72 hours (no need to be contiguous). Hit & Runners will not be tolerated. ➥ Tracker Name: Libble Never Hit & Run. Seed as long as you can. Downloaded torrents need to be seeded for 72 hours after the download is finished within 1 week. ➥ Tracker Name: Majomparade The torrent can be removed from your list ahead of time in two ways: (1) You redeem for bonus points. (2) You redistribute the torrent to a ratio of 1, or you complete the 48 hour seed time. The two values trigger each other proportionally, so if you upload a torrent to 0.5, the remaining seed time will decrease proportionally. ➥ Tracker Name: Milkie SITE-WIDE FREELEECH! No hit'n'run or ratio requirements as of now. Seeding is still very much appreciated. Download stats will be reset if the rules change. ➥ Tracker Name: Morethan.tv We at MTV have a gentleman's agreement in place, what that means is we do not have any restrictions regarding minimum seedtime, HnR, or ratio, we simply ask that you seed back as long as you possibly can, and not limit your upload speed. To be clear, this is no way an encouragement for bad practices and behavior, it's meant to be taken at face value, as an symbol of trust we the staff have in the community that has formed here. If any time we feel this trust has been misplaced, we will be forced to rethink our agreement, and instant some harsher rules. Staff reserve the right to take action against a user if they feel that user is being particularly abusive to the agreement. ➥ Tracker Name: nCore All torrents of which a minimum of 5% or a minimum of 200 MB has been downloaded (which was previously accessed) are subject to a seed obligation. There are basically two ways to fulfill this obligation: - With the amount of data downloaded ( 1.0 ratio ) - With time spent in Seed (minimum 48 hours depending on torrent size) ➥ Tracker Name: Nebulance Tracker is completely ratio-free. Episodes must be seeded for a minimum of 24 hours (1 Day). Seasons must be seeded for a minimum of 120 hours (5 Days). If you download more than 10% of a torrent but less than 100% you have to seed what you downloaded per Episode/Season rules. ➥ Tracker Name: PirateTheNet Seed back what you download to at least a 1:1 ratio or at least try to. If it's impossible for you to seed to 1:1 ratio, then you must seed according to your user class within 21 days of completing the torrent. Failure to do so will be marked as a hit and run, and will be dealt with, accordingly. ➥ Tracker Name: PiXELHD You must seed each torrent for 72 hours after the torrent is complete, or a 1:1 Ratio (1.0). These requirements are required within 1 Week of starting the torrent in your client. The consequences of Hit and Running are pretty severe. We will not detail the number of HnR's allowed on PiXELHD before a Warning is give. Nor we will rever to the number of torrents before an account is banned for abusing the sharing system. ➥ Tracker Name: PolishSource Downloaded Torrents must be seeded for 48 hours within 14 days. If you receive at least one HNR warning, you will not have access to: buy bonus points, Bookkeaper, BlackJack, adding more positions, sending invitations. If you have 8 HNR warnings you can not download new torrents. If you have 10 HNR warnings, your account will be blocked/banned. How to get rid of a HNR warning? There are ways to do this: - Seed all the positions for 150 hours. - Win in one of the contests where a reward is a HNR removal. - Delete a HNR warning by sending a text message / spending bonus points. - Buy any one of the packages from the shop which include HNR removal. - Buy a Donator class which gives you the power to delete HNR warnings and you will not have to seed any more positions for 30 days plus this class has a few more upgrades. - Join the PS Club. ➥ Tracker Name: PreToMe You must seed back to at least our requirements of 60h total seedtime or a 0.75 ratio on each and every torrent. Accounts with a global ratio of 0.05 and below may be put under review for seeding improvement or disabled. ➥ Tracker Name: Retro Within The download count is paused, and only upload is being counted for the last couple of years. No Hit & Run rules & Partial downloads are allowed. ➥ Tracker Name: Secret Cinema Our ratio requirements are really very simple, None! But we expect you to keep your downloads seeding for sometime or staffers will consider you ONLY a snatcher & delete your account. ➥ Tracker Name: torrentHR The obligatory seed duration is up to 1.0 or 72 hours of sowing within 14 days from the end of the torrent download. ➥ Tracker Name: TVStore After downloading, stay seeded for at least 1-2 hours! Design by: @HOCD1A035 (Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)
  5. # A B C D E F G H I J ᴋ L M N O P R S T ᴜ W X (Last Updated On: December 18, 2021)
  6. BwTorrents BwTorrents | BwT | General | 2021 Detailed Review TRACKER NAME : BwTorrents TRACKER URL : https://bwtorrents.tv/ CATEGORY : General TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : Open Signup | Invite MAINTAIN RATIO : Easy BONUS : Yes BANNED COUNTRY : None Tracker Description BwTorrents is a Indian tracker and generally focus on the South Indian movies and bollywood . It has all sorts of Desi (Indian) stuff like Movies, Music, TV, StageShows, Sports, Documentaries, E-Books and Magazines. Only autorised users are allowed to upload content to assure the quality. You can apply to become an uploader. All the torrents above 10GB are freeleech so its easy to build and maintain a ratio. They have multiple internal group like Dus_IcTv, Team BWT, TMB as well as internal releasers.You have very good speeds. The staff/members is friendly , I highly recommend this for anyone looking for quality Indian releases. When you join you also get invites so you can invite your friends and family members. The pretimes of BwTorrents are very good for the Indian Tv shows and it is not only limited to Indian Cinema they have vast content from all over Login Page : Home Page : Profile Page : Search Engine: Torrents : Requests : Forums : Bonus Points : User Settings : ChatBox : Polls : Rules : Invite : Donate : FAQ's : Staff : RATING PRETIMES 8.5 / 10 SPEEDS 8 / 10 CONTENT 9 / 10 COMMUNITY 8.5 / 10 OVERALL 8.5 / 10
  7. ◈ Tracker Name: AlphaRatio The IRC Bonus rate increases based on the number of users in the #AlphaRatio channel. IRCBonus is also effected by the SiteWide Bonus Booster, example is when Donations hit 100%. ◈ Tracker Name: BeyondHD A bonus of 1.5 BP/hour will be applied if the Member has a 2FA enabled. ◈ Tracker Name: DigitalCore You can earn points by joining IRC and idle in #digitalcore. For every hour you receive +0.4p. ◈ Tracker Name: FunFile Come to #funfile.org and you will receive 1 cr. for every 15 minutes you spend in the channel. That's 2976 credits per month. ◈ Tracker Name: GazelleGames The IRC Bonus: 4.5 Gold an hour. Two Factor Authentication: 12 Gold per day. ◈ Tracker Name: HDME.eu There is a bonus for being online at IRC, for every hour you are online at IRC (using the same nick as you do on the tracker!) we add 40MB upload to your stats. ◈ Tracker Name: M-Team 10% + Bonus if 2FA is enabled. ◈ Tracker Name: MyAnonamouse You will receive 0.2 points per 10 minutes or 1.2 points per hour for time spent in IRC, provided that you are logged into IRC services. ◈ Tracker Name: PiXELHD 5 bonus points are also awarded for each 15 minutes you are in our IRC channel. ◈ Tracker Name: PolishSource Every hour idle in our IRC channel is 10000 points. Points are reset once a year - New Year's Eve. To anyone without exception. ◈ Tracker Name: PreToMe Members that are in the #PreToMe channel on our IRC server will gain 0.5 cr. per hour for being there. ◈ Tracker Name: PTFiles Idling in IRC Channel = 2 points per hour (Last Updated On: October 18, 2021)
  8. ::.. Homeporntorrents | HPT | Porn | 2021 Review ..:: Tracker Name : Homeporntorrents Tracker URL : http://homeporntorrents.com/ Tracker Genre : Porn Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Open Signup Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Medium Tracker IRC : None Banned Countries : None -------------- ::.. TRACKER DISCRIPTION ..:: ------------- Homeporntorrents (HPT) is a new XXX tracker dedicated to the art and love of home made porn. No mainstream porn is allowed on the tracker, only true amateur home made porn. The tracker offers credits as an incentive to upload and continue seeding. -------------- ::.. LOGIN ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. HOME ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. FEATURE TORRENTS ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. FORUMS ..:: ------------- -------------- ::.. Rules ..:: -------------- -------------- ::.. MY RATING ..:: -------------- Pre-times : 7 / 10 Speed : 7 / 10 Content : 8 / 10 Community : 6 / 10 Overall : 7 / 10
  9. This is a reminder not to share the .torrent files you download from here, they are unique to your account and sharing them with other people will put your account at risk of being banned.
  10. Tracker Name: Peerjunkies Tracker URL: https://peerjunkies.com/ Tracker Genre: General Tracker Type: Ratio Based Bonus System: None at present Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None DESCRIPTION Peerjunkies is a new general tracker and has around 25000 torrents. It is currently open for signup. It has crossed 1000 users at this time. Donations can be exchanged for upload credit and VIP. HOME TORRENT FORUM RULES FAQ DONATE
  11. OPEN ENROLLMENT UNTIL WEBSITE IS CLOSED IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. EVERYBODY CAN SIGN UP NOW VIA OPEN ENROLLMENT UNTIL WEBSITE IS CLOSED IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. FOR THE SAKE OF PRESERVATION ALL TORRENTS ARE GOLDEN NOW. If for some miracle the number of new members will be more than 2000 we will consider keeping the website open. The following has to be observed for successful website usage: ◦ Use desktop computer to register, mobile browsers are having issues saving some information ◦ In email check spam and deleted folders and move messages to inbox, otherwise links may not work. ◦ Third-party verification service has being disabled. ◦ You have no limitations, can start uploading and downloading right away. ◦ Upload custom avatar, your tracker access will be blocked if you don't. ◦ there are authorized clients on the website, check in frequently asked questions for the list. ◦ Read upload the rules and see how others done it. ◦ Limited technical support will be provided via discord, invite link discord.link/asiandvdclub
  12. Eid-ul-Adha ‘2021 Upload Contest CrazyHD.com is Proud To Announce the Eid-ul-Adha ‘2021 Upload Contest Everyone Can Participate In This Competition Including Staff Members Time Starts From 15-07-2021 to 15-08-2021 Torrents Must be Uploaded With Proper Description [Poster, Min 3 Screenshots, Media-info Details, IMDb Link] ::: REWARDS For Users (Member/MemberPro/Elite/VIP/Uploader/Super Uploader Ranks) ::: 1st Q.C (Quality Control Staff) OR VIP OR 500000 Seed Points 2nd QC (Quality Control Staff) OR Elite (24 months ) OR 400000 Seed Points 3rd QC(Quality Control Staff) OR Elite Rank(12 months) OR 200000 Seed Points 4th Super Uploader(12 months) OR 100000 Seed Points 5th Uploader(12 months) OR 80000 Seed Points 6th-7th MemberPro (12 months) OR 30000 Seed Points ::: REWARDS (For Staffs Only) ::: 1st 500000 Seed Points 2nd 400000 Seed Points 3rd 200000 Seed Points ::: Note For All ::: 1. You will be eligible for the rewards only if you successfully upload at least 50 torrents (file size needs to be greater than 150 MB) 2. Users who're already in higher ranks will receive the equivalent bonus points (mentioned as reward) for winning the contest. 3. No seed = no prize, because - there is no value of that upload without active seed 4. Torrents should be downloaded at least for 5 times, otherwise that upload will not be counted 5. Music/audio & adult/unrated contents are not allowed in this contest . Specially don't upload any unrated content. If you upload unrated content, it will be deleted immediately. ***Good Luck***
  13. New Stuff Ahoi FunSharers We have some new stuff you probably noticed already. The first one are username colors everywhere. As requested by quite some members, usernames now have colors based on the userclass. That goes for the classic site only because NG had it from the beginning. Keep in mind that although the colors are based on the userclasses, they're not precise. Multiple classes can share the same color. This is on purpose to allow things like hidden classes as well as anonymous uploaders. The second new thingy is also limited to the classic site at first. Simply because more members are using that. So the second new feature are @ names. They work in the forum just like it works mostly on social media. Simply put an @ directly in front of a username to highlight that user. The highlighted user will then get a notice. We deliberately did not use the regular pm system for that because it could get quite spammy If it works well and most of you like it, it will of course also be added to NG. And last but not least worth a note that last month we had the most downloads this year. Even more than in april and march which have been pretty good already. So don't hold back and grab whatever you like So long and have some nice sunny weeks
  14. AoTM: June Round 1 Winner & Round 2 Voting is Open AoTM June Round 1 Voting has closed and we have a winner! AoTM June Round 1 Winner: Moondog - More Moondog Congratulations to Mewbacca for their winning pick. 20,000 Bonus Points have been added to your account. This album will be Freeleech until the next round (FLAC only) AoTM: June Round 2 Voting is open: Voting is open for two weeks and all nominations are Neutral Leech. AoTM July Nominations are open.
  15. An action by the Brazilian Federal Police led to the blocking of several torrent sites in the country, such as Pirate Bay, EZTV, YTS and 1337x. The blockade came from the Ministry of Justice itself and was accepted by the four main telephone companies in the country that monopolize internet services, a large cartel formed by (Claro, Oi, Tim and Vivo). The action was known as Operation 404. Digital law entities, such as the Pirata do Brasil Party, protested against the blockade, suggesting that it violates the principle of net neutrality in the legal framework of the Brazilian internet.
  16. Packet loss You will have noticed that that availability of the site has been poor these past several days. The brute forcing password attack is over. The front end proxy is lightly loaded, and the backend is doing perfectly well. All is well as far as Orpheus servers are concerned. The network connectivity between the providers used, however, is not good. I can trace traffic several hops either way before it hits a brick wall at some transit point and gets no further. When that happens, the site is no longer accessible. What is infuriating is that there are not too many options available, short of migrating to other providers. It will all be resolved in due course but I do not have an ETA. Discuss this post here
  17. HNR We have the newsletter in our WIKI , but we decided to pass this information in a very simple language because we noticed that many users are falling into the HNR and losing download privileges due to carelessness or other reasons.... 1º Seeds vs Leechers Seeder and leeching are two activities connected to P2P file sharing via torrents. A seed is a complete copy of a file that other users can download. A single torrent can have multiple seeds, allowing downloaders to get chunks from different sources and increasing overall speed. LEECHINGs have a double meaning as it was initially coined to refer to people who do not yet have the complete file, regardless of download/upload speeds; also known as peers, and the other sense that most affects good file sharing is the commonly known as SANGUESSUGAS, a term used to describe users who only download but not upload, 2nd Why implement HNR? As we consider the Leeches' selfish attitude to use a sharing community only for their own benefit, we decided to implement the HNR system, which prohibits and selects these users, who when they do not share and reach 5 files that are in HNR, lose the download privilege . Everyone is welcome but everyone has to contribute to the smooth running of the site and not let the torrents die and thus always available for other users to download. 3º How to avoid penalization Simply make your downloads, but leave this file sowing in your client according to the HNR rules, don't delete the file, keep sowing do your part. we advise you to follow the evolution of seeded and HNR files in the Upload/Download History (access via the main menu at the top of the page --> HnR) Understand the Upload/Download History: Tip: - You do not need to stay 48 hours (according to the rule) directly connected, you can sow a little today, tomorrow another little and so on until you reach 48 hrs sowing and exit the Hnr in this file. - Make your downloads but don't leave with 5 files downloading that will enter the Hnr system and it will automatically be blocked the downloads, that's why we advise you to follow the story. - Up to 4 pending files in HnR will be all normal, seed these and wait for new downloads, so you control and don't lose privileges. We hope this information helps! Team
  18. July Newsletter 2021 Hi, we hope you are all enjoying the Mid Year Celebrations 2021. Please use this extended FL period to bolster your ratios. Go get what you always wanted for free gmail We are having issues with gmail again and Staff are recommending, that any members using gmail in their accounts, should change their email to another provider. Just a reminder Please do not edit your release descriptions during Freeleech. Doing so would make the torrents Normal. You have been told. Also, as an added Bonus, we are giving away 5 FL tokens on July 21st, BrokenStones birthday, to all members who are eligible. Chat here: Mid Year Celebrations 2021
  19. Premium changes and further improvements Dear Users! We have recently made improvements to the Premium system. As part of this, we redesigned the look of the Premium menu , among other things, in order to make it clearer and easier to use. With this, in addition to the Download and Invitation page, this became the third menu item where you can meet the new Beta interface. In addition to the redesign of the user interface, we also took into account your feedback and suggestions regarding the new invitation system. In addition to the classic Premium packages, it is now possible to purchase points, which you can use for any purpose (issue a request, vote on request, send an invitation). In addition, we have reduced the price of the invitation for our Premium membership users by 5,000 points. You will also contribute to the running costs of the site if you purchase a premium subscription and purchase points. Thank you for your past and future support! nCore Staff
  20. Site might look a little funny for a little while So the site might look a little funny for a while as we / I try to resolve some space issues on our servers and reorganize image locations. Will try and get everything resolved and all of our posters / headshots / images / etc back ASAP, but might take a few days as I juggle this with life / work / family. Sorry for the inconvenience. - burger
  21. 2021.07.09-Recruitment Once upon a time, from the beginning of the spark, here slowly gathered a batch of DiY, re-editing, subtitles, WEB original gods with the most exquisite technology in the entire network. In the pursuit of perfection, the great gods have devoted a lot of effort to each work, which greatly improves our viewing experience. The high-quality and high-quantity official works have become the favorites of many film and television enthusiasts. In order to provide more and better works for the majority of pt hobbies, in order to continue the CHD spirit of excellence, DiY, re-editing, subtitles, and WEB personnel are now recruited all the year round. We warmly welcome and look forward to your positive response. We have enough sincerity and patience to guide and encourage everyone to learn and progress. As long as you are willing to learn, have a certain amount of spare time and look forward to becoming a "great god" together with us to benefit our small circle of hobbies Of the person, you are welcome! Get the courage to sign up! For details, please visit: "Careers" is valid all year round
  22. 2021-07-12 - Seedbox/bot it's back online!
  23. GFXPeers main server suspended ! We need to collect Last month donation for our Servers, Click this link and Help Us: https://forum.gfxdomain.net/HELP/ Or https://forum.gfxdomain.net/donate/ We work every day and night and brings you all latest download free in GFXPeers, So if our services use full for you, Kindly spend some money to keep it running. Thank you If we help in yours works or study, please spend some money for us to pay ours servers Team GFXDomain
  24. Brief downtime and maintenance 2021-07-12 18:00 UTC We'll be doing a bit of work starting July 12th, at 18:00 UTC which will start with a downtime of hopefully under half an hour, followed by potential instability caused by optimizing new settings. While we hope the issues of fine tuning will be short and brief, and will update when we are done fine tuning.
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